New Chapter in the Case of Fake Doctor Elwizan Aminudin ex PSS, Police Asked to Investigate Fake Diploma Makers

Elwizan Aminudin, the fake doctor who became a national football scandal is posing during an interview with the Jogja Tribune. In his confession, he was in football because of love (Source: Tribun Jogja)

ACEH, KOMPAS.TV – The case of fake doctor Elwizan Aminudin who deceived a number of football clubs to the national or national team dragged the name of Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh.

This is because Elwizan has been claiming to be a graduate of the university’s Faculty of Medicine. Suddenly, it made the Chancellor of Syiah Kuala University (USK) Banda Aceh Prof. Samsul Rizal speak up.

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Samsul Rizal asked the police to intervene in tracing the network of fake doctor certificate makers at PSS Sleman Elwizan Aminudin which has now been reported to the police.

“We strongly support legal efforts to trace who the certificate maker was, so that it is exposed,” said Samsul Rizal in Banda Aceh as quoted from Between, Wednesday (8/12/2021).

Samsul emphasized that Elwizan Aminudin was never registered at the USK Banda Aceh Faculty of Medicine (FK). In addition, the campus has never issued a diploma in the name of the person concerned.

“There is data collection, the person concerned has never been recorded, Unsyiah has never issued a diploma in the name of Elwizan Aminuddin. It can be checked at PD DIKTI,” he said.

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According to Samsul, a thorough investigation to uncover who made the fake diplomas needs to be carried out to provide a deterrent effect, so that no one carelessly makes diplomas anymore.

“There must be a deterrent effect, not only for those concerned who buy them, but those who make diplomas or their networks must be thoroughly investigated,” he said.



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