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Netizens Crowded Comments on Iwan Bule’s Poster Ahead of the AFF Cup Final

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Chairman’s support poster PSSI Mochamad Iriawan alias Iwan Bule in the Indonesian national team ahead of the final match AFF Cup apparently caught the attention of netizens.

Iwan uploaded a support poster Tuesday afternoon (28/12). There was a large display of Iwan’s face, clearly in front of the national team players who looked semi-transparent.

Through the poster, the former West Java Police Chief and the Acting Governor of West Java invited the Indonesian people to pray for the players ahead of the AFF final match.

The size of the face of Iwan, the chairman of PSSI, seems to be in the spotlight of netizens. Some of them questioned Iwan’s motive for using the poster design.

One netizen with the @budiarjo_s account questioned why it wasn’t just the coach Shin Tae-yong who was the focus of the poster.

“Actually, why do you have to display your photo bigger than the players? If it’s Coach STY (Shin Tae-yong) that’s okay.” he wrote.

“Why is your photo bigger, sir?” said another netizen with the account @adiputtrofikar responding to Iwan Bule’s poster tweet.

Iwan Bule’s tweet ahead of the AFF Final match between Indonesia and Thailand was responded to by many netizens, including being quoted

Rumail Abbas, a netizen with more than 100 thousand followers, also commented on the poster design uploaded by PSSI chairman Iwan Bule. With the @stakof account, he said the poster model was disgusting.

“What’s the point of your bigger photo than the rest?” Write Rumail.

“Tell your social media account designer team that jokes like this are disgusting.” he continued.

Some netizens also commented on the upload, asking Iwan Bule as PSSI Chairman to cancel his intention to enter the dressing room when the Indonesian national team players underwent the AFF Cup Final match.

The Indonesian national team is preparing to face Thailand in the AFF final. Shin Tae-yong and his children will face Thailand in the first leg of the AFF final, Wednesday (29/12) in Singapore.

Support for the national team has been abundant since the beginning of the AFF. Support became even more intense after Asnawi and his friends won dramatically in the second leg of the semi-final against Singapore.

This match became the sixth AFF final for Indonesia. However, the Garuda Troops have never won the Southeast Asian football championship.

Meanwhile, Thailand is the winner of the most AFF Cup with 5 times won. The AFF Final match between Indonesia and Thailand took place over two legs.

The two AFF Finals will be held on Wednesday 29 December 2021 and Saturday 1 January 2022.


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