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NBA: The Warriors wanted to get Ricky together with Curry … and if he gets within range they could go for him

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Cwhen an experienced veteran is signed by a team that wants to change the course of the franchise, usually behind there are other rivals who would like to get that player. In fact often those players are transferred to other teams mid-season or at any time of it.

It seems that that was the situation of Ricky Rubio before the start of the season. According to reports Joe Vardon y Kelsey Russo, de The Athletic, los Golden State Warriors were very interested in taking over the services of the Spanish base in case the Cleveland Cavaliers would not have signed him what of they would have pierced after your arrival … or what the player would have bought his contract to go out.

Ricky Rubio, in his time at the Wolves, defending Stephen Curry.EFE

In fact, the image of the Cavaliers in the NBA at the time he was very poor, and Blond, in this stage of fullness career, it seemed such an odd fit for a rebuilding Cleveland franchise that there were other teams that thought it wouldn’t last long there. Among them los Golden State Warriors, which according to the sources of the aforementioned journalists, They were very interested in Rubio coming to market to reunite him with Stephen Curry.

It will fit perfectly in the Warriors

Instead of buying your contract to get out, Rubio conquered the Cavs. The result has been the rebirth of Cleveland, with Ricky at its epicenter. There is no doubt that The Spanish point guard will make the Golden State Warriors a better team yes, as it seems, they are still on the prowl. It’s a great passer and fit perfectly in the offensive system of the Warriors built around Stephen Curry, which emphasizes ball movement and good shots.

Ricky Rubio, during his

Ricky Rubio, during his time with the Suns, pitches in front of Stephen Curry.EFE

But the resurrection of the Cavaliers makes the Warriors have few options to sign him at this time. You don’t need to make that move right now, with a balance of 19-4, to be more competitive. However, they do not stop exploring the options of signing a point guard, and If Ricky made it to free agency, they would consider going after him again..


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