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NBA: the trumpets of 2021

by archysport

2021 has not been rosy for everyone, far from it. Among the players in the league and elsewhere in the world of basketball, some have even had a bad year and seen their image or reputation badly damaged, very often of their own doing …

Let’s take a look back at those who messed around, abused or simply been a little too much themselves.

The MVPs and big winners of 2021

Kyrie Irving

We respect and even love sometimes the fact that Kyrie Irving is an original. This singular personality did not prevent him from being a fabulous basketball player, nor from fighting for important causes, whether within the Black Lives Matter movement, to help a Native American tribe to prevent the construction of a pipeline on land or to help financially WNBA players whose salaries were suspended during the bubble season. Simply, when Kyrie goes too far – and by far you don’t necessarily mean beyond the limits of the flat earth – it has to be said.

By refusing to be vaccinated, but also and above all by posting enigmatic messages, by liking the publications of ultra-conspiratorial guys who think that the vaccine was created only to enslave African-Americans, or by communicating only through drawings that almost suggest he’s made from the same mold as Martin Luther King, “Uncle Drew” still twists quite a bit.

Well, his return to the field will perhaps calm the spirits a little, but the fans will quickly look at him askance again if the Nets still cannot count on him at home once the playoffs come …

Rich Paul

Since he rose in rank in the game, Rich Paul has been a very divisive agent and that did not get better in 2021. There was his way of handling Ben Simmons, with the rather crazy and almost unprecedented recommendation of not show up to work until he wins his case, despite a contract until 2025. Then the revelation of the Trafalgar coup he did to Nerlens Noel a few years ago by convincing him to leave his agent and refuse an interesting financial deal against the promise of a future lucrative contract. Noel lodged a complaint and it is not certain that Paul comes out of it completely immaculate, if only in terms of reputation.

On Richie Ritch’s side, everything seems to be going well despite that. LeBron and AD are still his pals and biggest clients and he’s totally embraced the lights of star-making by appearing publicly with singer Adele. Ah, his latest bang? Have Klutch Sport tweet a message to send Ben Simmons to the All-Star Game. To the famous urban legend of the philosophical dissertation with the question “what’s the nerve?”, We could have answered: “This tweet”.

Ben Simmons

Admittedly, his moves all seem to be dictated by Rich Paul, his agent (see below). But little Ben is 25 and is supposed to be able to think for himself and realize that while the Sixers, especially Doc Rivers and Daryl Morey, have been jerks in this business, we don’t refuse to honor. a contract for this reason. And we are even less invoking mental health concerns just when we learn that this makes it possible to avoid a salary suspension.

David Griffin

Here is one that should perhaps have stayed in the shadows and stayed on the laurels obtained thanks to the title with the Cavs in 2016. David Griffin wanted to get back into the game and things started well in 2019 with the victory of the 1st pick and Zion Williamson’s Draft. Unfortunately, since then, things have turned sour and he is mostly responsible.

Between the lame promise to JJ Redick, who made him a disastrous publicity with the other players – we could see it during the offseason seen how the Pels did nothing – the choice of men (we like Stan Van Gundy but the poor man was so has been…) The management of Zion’s injury and recovery, the lack of efforts to keep Lonzo Ball, the vase is full for 2021…

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