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NBA: The moments that marked 2021

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2021 will soon be over… A particularly rich year for all basketball lovers, especially in the NBA but also in France with the exceptional Tokyo Olympic Games. Before moving on to 2022, let’s take a look back at the moments that marked the last 12 months.

The trumpets of 2021

Stephen Curry’s career cardboard – January 4, 2021

Spoiler, Stephen Curry will also be affected by the last item of the year. So why not start with it as well? Without a doubt, the Golden State Warriors point guard has embodied one of the strongmen of 2021, essentially through his absolutely incredible individual performances. And very clearly, despite the weight of the years, the 33-year-old remains as strong as ever.

On January 4, the native of Akron proved it by achieving his biggest success in his career. Against the Portland Trail Blazers (137-122), Curry recited a simply exceptional score. On mission, he only needed 36 minutes to punish the opposing defense with 62 points! 62 points in 36 minutes! Never seen in the NBA in such a short time since Kobe Bryant (62 points in 32 minutes) in 2005.

The second oldest player to make such a copy (also behind Kobe), he was clearly on another planet with 22 points in the first quarter and an 18/36 on shots throughout the game. With this performance, Curry joined his buddy Klay Thompson in the players’ club with a game over 60 career points. A living legend.

James Harden’s incredible trade at the Nets – January 13, 2021

The exchange of the year in the NBA! After a soap opera lasting several weeks, the Houston Rockets finally broke down by giving in to the desires of James Harden. Once again, a player, yet under contract, managed to force his trade at the end of a real showdown. The attitude from the rear was not exemplary, but after all, why bother when you know you’re going to get what you want?

Because in addition, the former Oklahoma City Thunder was sent where he wanted: to the Brooklyn Nets! To form a particularly exciting Big Three with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. In this XXL deal with 4 teams, we found 4 choices in the Draft, 4 swaps in the Draft and 7 players: Victor Oladipo, Rodions Kurucs and Dante Exum at the Rockets, Taurean Prince and Jarrett Allen to the Cleveland Cavaliers, then finally Caris LeVert to the Pacers.

Without judging the winners and losers of this operation, the Nets have therefore achieved the trade of the year. For the moment, it has not paid off with an elimination in the semi-final of the Eastern Conference against the Milwaukee Bucks (3-4) in June 2021. But it must also be said that Brooklyn has never really been able to enjoy its Big Three over time. In 2022, this Harden exchange can still benefit men from Steve Nash, currently in the lead in the East …

James Harden, Nets, Rockets: Winners and Losers in a Massive Trade!

Anthony Edwards killed Yuta Watanabe – February 20, 2021

What madness! What a poster! What talent ! In fact, we could have published a compilation of several minutes with all the impressive actions ofAnthony Edwards This year. But the young Minnesota Timberwolves prodigy killed the game (and Yuta Watanabe) from February! And in comparison to this poster, all of his other dunks (however enormous) have inevitably less flavor.

Like a LeBron James shocked, Edwards impressed his world with this incredibly violent dunk on the Toronto Raptors player. Despite the defeat of his family (81-86), the 20-year-old talent has toured the world by putting the Japanese on the buttocks. Used to martyrdom in circles since his arrival in the NBA, the Atlanta native offered himself a moment that will be remembered for his entire career.

To reassure everyone: Fortunately, Watanabe managed to recover. And for his part, Edwards continued to operate at high altitude …

Mike Conley finally selected for the NBA All-Star Game – March 6, 2021

So yes, this is a particularly subjective item. Corn Mike Conley at the All-Star Game, it was a moment that excited NBA fans. Forgotten for years and years, the Utah Jazz frontman took advantage of the absence of Devin Booker (which initially replaced Anthony Davis) to integrate, at the last moment, the list of players selected for the All-Star match.

After his 14th season in the League, the 34-year-old man therefore discovered this gala meeting. Never had a player been invited so late among the All-Stars. And frankly, it was deserved! Maybe not on an individual level (a DeMar DeRozan was “better” statistically) at that time, but for the entire career of the leader. Especially after this long period when it had been unfairly forgotten by voters.

Because clearly, it would have been a shame to see Conley end his career without a single All-Star Game appearance. For more than a decade, the former Memphis Grizzlies has simply established himself as one of the best players in his role in the NBA. He should have received this honor a very long time ago. And 2021 has therefore corrected this injustice. In the end, the native of Fayetteville only played 12 minutes for 3 points. But the essential was elsewhere!

Mike Conley, a 72.5 million extension with Jazz

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