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NBA rumors: The 12 teams bidding to sign Ben Simmons

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The NBA is a competition that is characterized by having many dramas in the market, it is very rare that a season is calm in this regard. This year it was the turn of Ben Simmons be the protagonist, and whatever happens seems to be anchored to Philadelphia 76ers. What does this mean? Does any team want to have it today?

The answer may be surprising, because in these months we have seen numerous rumores NBA on Simmons and although there has not been an approach to the transfer, the ground has been tested a lot. After so long with the same issue in the air, the franchises already know what they have to offer to achieve acquire the Australian.

The 12 teams

In a recent interview on Sportsday NSW, NBL legend Lanard Copeland revealed that at least 12 NBA teams have expressed great interest in acquiring Simmons.

“There are teams in the NBA that are fighting and they would love a Ben Simmons right now. They’re working on trades right now. Heard there were 12 teams betting on him right now. Philadelphia will probably be smart and send him to the West Coast. because they know how valuable Ben is. They don’t want to face Ben five or six times a year. They send him to the West and when a deal goes well for them, then things will happen, “he explained.

The Athletic’s Shams Charania named several suitors for Simmons and four are from the Western Conference: the Los Angeles Lakers, Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings and Minnesota Timberwolves. Except for the Lakers, all of those teams have been linked to Simmons in the rumors lately.


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