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NBA: Ricky Rubio’s cursed knee: the crusader is broken and he will not play again this course | NBA 2021

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The Spanish point guard again suffers the same injury that stopped his career in 2012, being an emerging rookie in the Minnesota Timberwolves

Ricky Rubio leaves helped by his companions.Derick HingleAP
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Ricky Rubio was playing probably his best game of the probably best season of his NBA career. With two minutes and 20 seconds remaining in the game between his Cleveland Cavaliers and the New Orleans Pelicans, the Spanish point guard had 27 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists when, when braking in a tackle to the basket, his left knee made a strange movement.

Ricky went to the ground with obvious gestures of pain, asked for medical assistance and had to leave the track on the shoulders of his teammates Kevin Love e Isaac Okoro, without putting weight on the injured leg. The MRI he underwent confirmed the worst prognosis: his anterior cruciate ligament is torn and he will miss the remainder of the season.

We are devastated, it is as if a member of your family fell. It hurts anyone to get injured, but even more someone who gives us so much in so many ways, murmured after the game a sinking Kevin Love, one of the people who best knows the curse that follows Rubio with that left knee. Love was the figure of the Minnesota Timberwolves to which El Masnou arrived in 2011.

Around both revolved a project which, for a few months, had a bright future predicted, with Ricky being the best rookie in the league alongside Kyrie Irving until, in March 2012, he suffered the same injury as now, halting his progression. The Timberwolves’ plan broke down after that, and it took him years to regain its peak.

Disgrace for the revelation team

In fact, it has been in recent times when the great Ricky has finally been seen, who was expected since he dazzled as a teenager at Joventut. In 2019 he was the World Cup MVP won by Spain and this summer he finished as the top scorer in the Games. In the NBA, by contrast, he had not quite found his place and his surprise transfer in July to the Cavaliers seemed to prolong his bad luck.

But, amidst the explosion of youths like Darius Garland, Evan Mobley Y Jarrett Allen and the leadership of a fantastic Rubio (13.1 points and 6.6 assists), Cleveland is the revelation team of the season with a balance of 20 wins and 14 losses, entrenched in the playoff zone when no one expected it. Now, this new misfortune frustrates that fairy tale and clouds the future of the point guard, who ends his contract in the summer and will go on the market at the age of 31 and after a serious injury.

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