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NBA results. Record curry is not enough, historian LeBron yes: NBA night

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Steph tops 3,000 triples in his career, but the Warriors give in to the nuggets. James trains Lakers to their first success after 5 KOs Milwaukee and Miami smile too

The night of records. Steph Curry is the first to break the 3000-meter wall in his career but cannot complete the return to the nuggets of the raging Nikola Jokic. LeBron James is the third to exceed 36 points and leads the Lakers to success in Houston for the first time as the starting eleven. You are the main protagonists of an Nba evening with 000 games. Here’s how it went.

Golden State Warriors-Denver Nuggets 86-89

A hat trick. The number 3000 in his career to be the first to pass this milestone. It doesn’t take more than that for Steph Curry to ignite after a catastrophic three-quarter time and to turn an apparently lost victory of the Nuggets with a 60:36 lead at halftime into an exciting game. In the end, Denver wins (17 wins – 16 defeats so far), because Michael Malone also has an MVP in his small arsenal: Nikola Jokic. The Serb is crucial with 22 points, 18 rebounds and the counterattack that prevents Jonathan Kuminga from cracking parity to 88 with 3 seconds on the clock. Steph’s spells in the final quarter revive Golden State (27-7) after the first-half disaster: Even without Draymond Green, one of the 3 warriors of protocol (the Nuggets only have a single player), the defense is leveled (Denvers 29 points in the second half) and the sensational return became a reality when, after Curry’s assist, Payton crushed the 84-84 at 1’04 ”from the end. After Jokic’s block, Campazzo is 1/2 of the line and the Warriors have 2 “to try the extra triple: Kerr draws a plan for Steph but Denver’s defense doesn’t give up and then Iguodala takes the hit, obviously wrong. For the Nuggets second success in a row, for the Warriors first stop after 3 wins.

Goldzustand:Curry 23 (1/2 of two, 5/14 of three, 6/7 free throws), Wiggins 21, Payton 11. Rebounds: Wiggins 8. Assists: Curry 4, Iguodala 4.

Denver: Jokic 22 (8/14, 0/5, 6/8 tl), Barton 21, Rivers 8, Hyland 8, Nnaji 8. Rebounds: Jokic 18. Assist: Campazzo 7.

Houston Rockets-Los Angeles Lakers 123-132

A year and three months ago, in the Bubble Finals, LeBron James kicked off the Lakers. In Houston he started as a starting XI for the first time in his career and jumped with Christian Wood to exit. The result hasn’t changed: LeBron remains amazing even hours after his 37th birthday. It is the King James Show, 32 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists that lead the Lakers (17-18) to a very difficult win in Houston (10-25) that ends the streak of 5 losses. Still led by David Fizdale, the team needed a win and they got it even though it took a fight to the end with the worst team in the west that ended in double digits with 7 players (Top Jalen Green, 24 points ) and laid down revealing all of the Lakers’ defense problems. It took all the talent of the three players who appeared in the list of the 75 best players ever available in Los Angeles to cover them: alongside LeBron (3rd in history with more than 36 points in his career), Russell Westbrook (second Triple-Double) in a row, 000-24-12, but much harder than Christmas with the Nets) and Carmelo Anthony (10 points and 24 rebounds). The game changes to 9’2 ”from the end: The repetition removes the interference with the whistled basket against LeBron, which would have put Houston in the lead 35-118. The Lakers win the duo and start the 116-7 run from there, which brings them to safety.

Houston:Grün 24 (4/7, 4/9, 4/5 tl), Porter 22, Wood 22. Bounces: Nwaba 7. Assist: Porter 9.

LA Lakers:James 32 (8/14, 3/5, 7/9 tl), Monk 25, Westbrook 24, Anthony 24. Rebounds: Westbrook 12. Assists: James 11.

Orlando Magic-Milwaukee Bucks 110-127

Quite simply for the champions in the first of two games in Orlando: Dragged by Giannis Antetokounmpo (28 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists), the Bucks (23-13) win the fourth game in a row and condemn the Magic (7-28) third loss in a row. Orlando was 3:72 behind at break before spotting Franz Wagner, who scored 45 of his 27 (career high) points in the second half and spiced up the final. For Orlando, the bad news also came after the game: Hassani Gravett, regular owner of the game, entered the Covid protocol.

Orlando:F. Wagner 38 (8/12, 4/8, 10/10 tl), Carter 19, Harris 13. Rebounds: Carter 10. Assists: Gravett 4, Harris 4, Carter 4, Hampton 4.

Milwaukee:G. Antetokounmpo 28 (9/15, 1/4, 7/10 tl), Middleton 21, Portis 19. Rebounds: Portis 7. Assist: Holiday 10.

Miami Heat-Washington Wizards 119-112

With only 8 usable players (including Max Strus who entered the Covid protocol an hour before the tap-off), Miami (22-13) won their fourth straight win over Washington (17-17), a good stepping stone to make a series of 7 trips departing from San Antonio Wednesday. Coached by Tyler Herro (32 points from the bench), Jimmy Butler (25 with 15 assists) and Duncan Robinson (26 with 8 triples), The Heat built a lead of up to 28 points, which the Wizards in the final despite the 8 players are missing according to the protocol.

You love Me:Herro 32 (4/12, 5/7, 9/10 TL), Robinson 26, Butler 25. Rebounds: Yurtseven 14. Assist: Butler 15.

Washington: Dinwiddie 24 (2/6, 4/10, 4/5 tl), Kuzma 22, Bertas 19. Rebounds: Gafford 11. Assist: Dinwiddie 11.

Toronto Raptors-Philadelphia 76ers 109-114

Despite Joel Embiid’s 36 points, still dominant, it’s a 6-0 course in the last 55 “that allows Philadelphia (18-16) to move to Toronto (14-17) and I would second win in a. win row. The Raptors, with 5 players left, battled with the best night of their careers from Chris Boucher (28 points and 19 rebounds) and Pascal Siakam (28, 6 and 8 assists). Philadelphia bit next to Embiid the first triple-double of the career of Tobias Harris (19-12-10), who scored 4 of 6 points off the line in the decisive set.

Toronto:Boucher 28 (5/7, 5/7, 3/4 TL), Siakam 28 (11/17, 0/4, 6/6 TL), Trent 19. Rebounds: Boucher 19. Assist: Siakam 8.

Philadelphia-Creme:Embiid 36 (9/13, 2/3, 12/14 tl), Harris 19, Niang 19. Rebounds: Harris 12. Assist: Harris 10.

Minnesota Timberwolves-New York Knicks 88-96

In the main defense game, where both teams were within 42% of the field, New York (16-18) took the lead early in the second half and never gave up, taking their fourth home win in Minnesota (16-18) in the last 6 games trying to come back. Center Mitchell Robinson was best, 14 points and 18 rebounds, a new season high. Minnesota, with Towns and Russell still on record and Edwards absent but not ready to play, have lost for the fourth time in their last 5 games.

Minnesota:Beasley 20 (4/7, 4/16), McDaniels 18, Nowell 11. Rebounds: Knight 7, Beverley 7. Assists: Beverley 7.

New York:Robinson 14 (7/8, 0/2 tl), Fournier 13, Randle 13. Rebounds: Robinson 18. Assist: Quickley 4.

New Orleans Pelicans-Cleveland Cavaliers 108-104

New Orleans (23-13), also down 22 points, invented an overwhelming comeback, supported by the triple from Temple (5 times per goal) and the best night of his career from Herbert Jones (26 points) for the Eliminating Cleveland (20-14) was pushed) and wins for the 5th time in the last 6 bets. The Cavs, who found Evan Mobley (22 points) after Covid rookie, tremble for Ricky Rubio: He dominated (27 points, 13 rebounds, 9 assists), he came out with 2’32 “in the end with a troubling left knee ” Injury.

New Orleans:Jones 26 (8/14, 2/4, 4/4 tl), Graham 18, Temple 17. Rebounds: Valanciunas 10. Assists: Graham 5, Satoransky 5.

Cleveland: Rubio 27 (7/18, 3/7, 4/4 tl), Love 24, Mobley 22. Rebounds: Rubio 13. Assist: Rubio 9.

Sacramento Kings-Oklahoma City Thunder 117-111

14 hours after shaming his coach, Sacramento (21-3) reclaims the win it lacked in 12 games by beating Oklahoma City (21-4), which it won 5 out of 24. Merit mainly from Tyrese Haliburton, awarded with 10 points and 6 assists and the defense of the Kings (sometimes with only two players in the Covid protocol), the attack of the Thunder (38.9 not available, plus coach Daegnault) at 33, XNUMX% shooting stopped. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s XNUMX points were not enough for Okc.

Sacrament: Haliburton 24 (4/6, 5/8, 1/1 tl), Hield 21, Barnes 17. Rebounds: Jones 14. Assist: Haliburton 10.

Oklahoma City: Gilgeous-Alexander 33 (8/19, 1/5, 14/17 tl), Dort 19, Wiggins 14. Rebounds: Dort 8, Williams 8. Assists: Gilgeous-Alexander 5.

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