Muret. Basketball: “La freelance des commerce” sponsors the “U15” girls

Recently, a new partner, “La freelance des trades”, came to offer jersey, shorts and swimsuit to the U15 women’s group. The first name of each player has been flocked to the back of the jersey, who with similar outfits put the pressure for the results to come. The Mother Christmas, and not the Father Christmas, passed before its time, under the name of Stéphanie Coudert.

“La Pige des Commerces” is a project launched on Muret at the start of 2021 to help local businesses promote their image and make themselves known to local inhabitants.

Working on the website, which is a shop window and also animating the social networks, “Muret – La Pige des Commerces”, aims to make Muretains want to push the door of their shops.

Promoting the image within the Muret basketball club is already making itself known to members of the club and their entourage.

The site and the “facebook / instagram” accounts are not yet well known, currently 200 members on each of the networks. This should allow you to climb a little faster.

At the image level, using sport and the moments of conviviality that are the meetings of the players on Saturdays, seems to be an excellent idea to defend the attractiveness of the businesses.

In addition, the wish is also to develop the platform “La Pige des Commerces” in other surrounding towns on the same model. Having no prospecting force, the chance of encounters during a match could well make things happen.



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