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More beautiful life: a big mistake in this Wednesday’s episode makes viewers fulminate

by archysport

This Wednesday, December 15, yet another scriptwriting error was made in the last episode of More beautiful life. The drop too much for viewers, who can no longer stand these blunders repeatedly.

Hard blow for the followers of More beautiful life : Avy Marciano, one of the most popular actors of the series, bows out. After more than ten years in the shoes of the journalist Sacha Malkavian, he decided to sail towards new horizons. Not only because it needs change, but also because it is not completely in adequacy with the plots proposed by the writers. “We changed producer three times, we also changed authors. IThey necessarily have different views on each of the characters, he lamented in a long message posted on social networks. The problem is that by dint of hiring new writers, some end up getting lost!

Several narrative errors have indeed been made in recent months in More beautiful life. Internet users have noted in particular that students and teachers worked at Scotto high school during the All Saints’ Day school holidays or that Elsa’s severed toe had reappeared as if by magic … Moreover, a new blunder was committed in the episode broadcast this Wednesday, December 15.

Internet users are fed up

The sequence that caused a lot of reaction on social networks is the one where Noé Ruiz (Florian Lesieur) crosses the road of Roland Marci (Michel Cordes). “Hello sir”, he says to the latter as if he didn’t know him. However, the most assiduous fans of More beautiful life know it: Blanche and Franck’s son has always considered the owner of the Mistral bar as his grandfather at heart! Seeing him address him as a stranger was therefore too much of a straw for viewers, who no longer support these repeated inconsistencies.

It’s really nonsense, Roland is like his grandfather. Long live the new screenwriters who know nothing about the series“, “Noah seems to have memory problems“, or “Noah who says’Monsieur’ to Roland … They have a problem writers “, could we read among the many comments left on this subject. Nothing escapes viewers!

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