Messi monumental: he won the 2021 Golden Olympia

The event, which brings together athletes who have stood out throughout the year and is delivered by the Círculo de Periodistas Deportivos, took place at the Howard Johnson hotel in Pilar and was hosted by the former Leona, Magui Aicega, and by the journalist and commentator, Juan Pablo Varsky.

Messi, who in addition to staying with the 2021 Gold Olympia won the Silver Award in his field where he surpassed Rodrigo De Paul and Emiliano ‘Jugue’ Martínez, was present through a video in which he expressed that he always “it’s nice to be recognized” in Argentina and highlighted – once again – how special this year has been “For having won the Copa América after such a long time.”

In addition to thanking the Technical Corps of the Argentine National Team and his teammates, he left a message to all Argentines: “A big greeting to the people of Argentina. Merry Christmas and a New Year to everyone ”.

Finally, beyond the ‘Peque’ Schwartzman, who won the 2020 Gold Olympia, some of the awarded athletes have been Paula ‘La Peque’ Pareto -judo-, Facundo Campazzo -basket- Facundo Conte -volley-, Agustina Albertario -women’s hockey-, Leonardo Maciel -men’s handball-, among others.




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