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Ju-Jutsu – “The gentle art”

First of all, “ju-jutsu”, “jiu-jitsu”, “ju-jitsu” and the like are all different phonetic transcriptions of the same Japanese characters (kanji), possibly due to different pronunciations and / or dialects.

What is ju-jutsu?
The exact origin of the Ju-Jutsu cannot actually be determined.
It is known, however, that jujutsu was practiced by the Japanese samurai as a form of unarmed defense in order to be able to continue fighting even if the main weapon was lost. At first it was passed on as secret art only within small circles, mainly among the nobility. This resulted in numerous different styles, but all of them had the same goal: to bring an attacker with or without weapons under control as efficiently as possible or to incapacitate them.
To this end, different punching, kicking, levering and choking techniques are still used today, with and without the aid of a wide variety of simple objects.

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Judo – “The gentle way”

What is judo

Judo was developed in Japan by Jigoro Kano and officially introduced in 1882.
Kano removed all dangerous techniques such as punches and kicks from the old ju-jutsu self-defense system. During the development of judo he attached great importance to the spiritual and moral education of the people.
The basic technique of judo includes about 40 different throws. In addition, there are some arm levers, strangling techniques and holding techniques that were developed for fighting on the ground or taken from Ju-Jutsu.




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