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Markets, events and workshops: in Castiglione Christmas is suitable for children. THE PROGRAM

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CASTIGLIONE DELLA PESCAIA – Little Switzerland is preparing to celebrate Christmas and welcome 2022 with a program of events organized by the municipal administration, in collaboration with local associations, designed especially for children.

Thursday 8 December at 18:00 the tree will be lit in Piazza Orto del Lilli, a symbolic moment that will kick off the Christmas initiatives and on the same evening the lights will be lit both in the capital and in the four hamlets. In addition, in the main streets of the center, the piped music that will accompany Castiglionesi and tourists during their walks and shopping is also back.

“We have outlined the appointments that will characterize the Christmas period – anticipates the mayor Elena Nappi – where everything will revolve around the boys. Unfortunately, even for the 2021-2022 holidays, the light-heartedness that this period would require continues to be strongly compromised by the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, but the municipal administration has also taken steps to embellish many corners of the capital and Tirli, Buriano, Vetulonia and Punta Ala, thus making the municipal area even more attractive and evocative, both by organizing events ».

“Everything is ready – underlines the first town – the lights are flanked by real and bright Christmas trees, we have foreseen about 200 that are taking place in the streets and squares and will be decorated with the decorations designed by the members of the hospitality associations , voluntary work and school children “.

“Planning events for Christmas with a pandemic that has reached its fourth wave – concludes the mayor Elena Nappi – I think it puts any organizational system in great difficulty, but in such a situation, hoping to be able to live this period more peacefully and without particular constraints dictated from the coronavirus, we will give space to a series of appointments in total safety, adopting all the protocols required by the relevant regulations “.

Let’s start, however, with the events a few days in advance. Tomorrow morning, Saturday 4th December, the Christmas village will open in Piazza Orto del Lilli, at 3.00 pm the walk of the butteri will be held in the streets of the center by the La Bandita equestrian center, while at the Isidoro Falchi Archaeological Civic Museum of Vetulonia until 5 pm: 00 will be the guest the painter Giuliano Giuggioli who will donate to MuVet one of his works inspired by the funerary stele of Auvele Feluske, logo of the Museum, entitled “The Warrior of Vetulonia between past and present”.

The next day, December 5th, also at the Falchi from 11:00 a guided tour with the staff archaeologists is scheduled to take place at the temporary exhibition Tares and Vatl. gods of the sea, founders of cities. Archeology of Taranto in Vetulonia admission at a reduced price. At 4.00 pm in Piazza Orto del Lilli, an appointment with the traditions of the Maremma with the Cantori of the past and in the same location a painting and sculpture workshop will start by the Unit, while at 16:30 in the square in front of the the parish hall in via Manzoni alle Paduline will host the concert of the Grosseto Band.

L’December 8th, in addition to lighting the tree, in via Roma, on the west promenade, organized by Acot you can take part in the “Carriage Walk” from 2.30 pm, in Piazza Garbaldi at 3.30 pm it will be staged ” The Nutcracker and other stories ”a motor and creative show workshop with Fata Confetto (Ccn Castiglione della Pescaia), in corso della Libertà the Corte dei miracoli association at 6.00 pm will present the Advent nativity scene.

Thursday 9 and Friday 10 December“Voices of Christmas” will be held in the Italo Calvino Municipal Library from 5.30 pm Readings of legends, fairy tales and tales.

Saturday 11 December in Tirli from 9:00 you can shop at the stalls of the Christmas market, in Punta Ala, the Driving center porto, organizes the photo contest entitled: “The sea of ​​Punta Ala”, at the Ximenes Red House Museum from 15:00 the children will have the opportunity to discuss during the educational workshop: “Let’s decorate the Museum” and in Piazza Moni, organized by the CCN from 15:30 will be staged: “Sweet Christmas with Mother Christmas -” Sweet “workshop and the Mostra dell’Unitre will be inaugurated in the municipal halls of via Veneto.

Sunday 12 December both the market in Tirli and the photographic exhibition continue in Punta Ala. In Piazza Garibaldi of the capital at 10:00 am the friends of the Vespa will meet for “Christmas on the road”. You can choose to go up to Vetulonia and take part from 11:00 to “True or false?” in Archeology. The participants will talk about it with the archaeologists and the Cultural Heritage Group of the Guardia di Finanza of Rome. Following will be a guided tour of the temporary exhibition “Taras and Vatl”. (Free event). In Pian di Rocca at 15:00 the Cantori dell’Isola Clodia will perform and in Piazza Orto del Lilli from 16:00, with the collaboration of Sos animali CdP the: “6-legged walk” is scheduled while at 17:30 the “Saxophone Quartet” will take the stage.

From Monday 13 to Friday 17 December, the afternoons dedicated to the readings “Voices of Christmas” return to the Calvino Library and again on Friday at 9.00 pm the middle school auditorium in Viale Kennedy will host the modern singing essay of the Castiglione della Pescaia music school.

On the day of Saturday 18 December the archers of Covo del Tiburzi in via della Torre will be available for archery demonstrations. At 3:00 pm at the “Casamorino” sports facility, organized by Pro Soccer, you will be able to attend a free style exhibition, the middle school auditorium will host the “Christmas essay” from 4.30 pm. of the boys of the association. At 8.30 pm the Buriano Celebration Committee organizes the bingo in the local Arci circolino of the hamlet and in Piazza Orto del Lilli, at the same time the treasure hunt will start.

Sunday 19 from 11 am at the Museo Casa Rossa Ximenes the Christmas Birdwatching will start and in the one in Piazza Vatluna a guided tour of the exhibition event of the year is scheduled at the same time. Returning to Castiglione della Pescaia, in via della Torre the archery demonstrations continue and a few meters away, in Piazza Orto del Lilli, the “Santa Claus Race” will be held, with meeting from 8:00 am. from Castiglionese Athletics and in the afternoon, with an appointment at 2.30 pm, in Piazza Garibaldi you can watch the start of the “Christmas Parade” organized by the Carnival Committee of the coastal town.

From Monday 20 to Wednesday 22, the children will be able to return from 5.30 pm to the halls of the municipal library where other readings of “Christmas Voices” will be waiting for them. The Christmas, New Year, Epiphany, between tradition, music and poetry, arrives inside the Church of San Michele Arcangelo in Buriano starting at 18:00.

Thursday 23 from 15:00, inside the Ximenes Red House Museum “Bingo for All”. From 17:00 in Piazza Orto del Lilli ” Swingin ‘Xmas – the magic of Christmas songs in a jazz key and in the evening in Buriano, also within the “Circolino” second evening dedicated to bingo.

The December 24th at 5:00 pm in Castiglione della Pescaia, organized by Avis, it will be possible to attend the theatrical show “Christmas Song”. The Castiglionese Red Cross Committee organizes from 21:00 “Santa Claus door to door”, but the old man with a white beard thanks to the Equestrian Center La Bandita will pass on horseback through the streets of the town as early as 15:00 and a Santa Claus particular will also stop in Pian di Rocca.

The afternoon of Santo Stefano organized by the Ccn of the seaside town, a spectacle reading event will be held in Piazza Moni from 3.30 pm entitled: “The Grinch” – The story of a particular Christmas. On the Levante seafront, from 2.00 pm you can take part, organized by Acot in the “Carriage walk and at 5.00 pm in Piazza Orto del Lilli, with the participation of Charlie Gnocchi the” Panetone Eaters Tournament ” .

The event “Christmas, New Year, Epiphany, between tradition, music and poetry will also be held inside the Church of the Consolata in Punta Ala Monday 27 at 18:00. In piazza Orto del Lilli from 15:00, the “Baptism of the pony” is organized by the Equestrian Center la Bandita and to follow the Unitrè organizes a painting and sculpture workshop.

Tuesday 28th December the staff of the MuVet has scheduled “Christmas Memory” from 15:00 to 16:00 an educational workshop for children aged 6 to 12 years. In Piazza Orto del Lilli, starting at 4:00 pm, the association of restaurateurs is planning both a workshop for children entitled “Hands in pasta, and the Show cooking and inside the council room in via Cesare Battisti at 5 pm. : 30 the theatrical reading “Viva Madre” will be held.

Wednesday 29 another event linked to the popular traditions of Christmas will be held at the Circolino Arci in Buriano, when from 20:30 it will be possible to be protagonists of the “Panfortata” organized by the local Celebration Committees. In the afternoon, in via della Fonte, the CCN has called to perform “The circus of the Elves of Santa Claus” circus school for children and will be followed by the non-alcoholic aperitif of the Elves.

The December 30th at the Museo Casa Rossa Ximenes the “Acchiappa 2022” workshop is scheduled from 15:00, “Mani in Pasta” and the Show cooking at the Orto del Lilli are back from 16:00 and the exhibition: “Christmas, New Year, Epiphany, between tradition, music and poetry he will stop in the Church of Sant’Andrea

Apostolo Tirli at 18:00.

A New Year’s, from 11 am the first bath of the year is scheduled, with meeting in piazzale Marystella, at 15:30 in piazza Orto del Lilli “Stories under the tree” and to follow at 18:00 the concert of Dinamite 36, cover Maneskin . On Sunday 2 January at 11:00 an interactive visit with games for children aged 6 to 12 years at the Falchi di Vetulonia Museum and that of Casa Rossa Ximenes at 15:00 a documentary by Disneynature will be screened. In piazza Orsino Orsini, from 2.00 pm the “Day of Castiglionese associations will start, an appointment that includes entertainment, demonstrations, workshops, organized by Vab, Cri, Miserircordia, Insieme in Rosa. Do not miss the appointment conceived by the Mosaico association which in Piazza Orto del Lilli will exchange between those who will bring empty bottles and will have books delivered. The members of the Corte dei Miracoli association is planning the “Parade of the stocking” and the carriage ride will return to via Roma from 2:00 pm, while in Buriano a new appointment with the bingo is staged.

Monday 3rd January the initiative of the Mosaic members will continue in piazza Orto del Lilli and again in the same square at 3.30 pm, organized by the CCN the: “Pignatta di Natale”. game for children that anticipates “Hands in pasta and Show coking. Tuesday 4th last day to take part in the bottle-book exchange and in the council room in via Cesare Battisti you can participate in the “Bingo on the phone” conceived by the Court of Miracles. In the afternoon, in Piazza Orto del Lilli “Mani in pasta” and the Show coking and the last chance to attend: “Christmas, New Year, Epiphany, between tradition, music and poetry ends will be at 18:00 in the Church of Santi Simone and Judas of Vetulonia.

On the evening of Wednesday 5th January the befana arrives in piazza independence in Buriano, in piazza del Polopo in Tirli while the Cantori dell’Isola Clodia will perform in Pian di Roca at 17:00 and the Unitre offers the opportunity to take part in a painting and sculpture workshop from 16:00 in piazza Orto del Lilli.

The events of the 2021-2022 holidays will end on January 6 when the Corte dei Miracoli association has scheduled the “Parade of the stocking” in via Camaiori, the Acot the “Carriage walk” in via Roma. Scheduled in piazza Orto del Lilli at 15:30 a new performance by the storyteller who will stage “Stories Under the Tree” that will precede the show “The 12 nights of the Befana” theater of animated puppets and for latecomers who have not seen the arrival of the Befana will be able to go to the municipal delegation of Punta Ala where the old lady has calculated to arrive by 15:00.

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