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Margaux Pinot: “I came close to death”

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“He was alcoholic. Alain was scheduled to come to my house, I had to bring him to the airport. A few minutes after his arrival at my home, he explains to me that, in the end, he will not need me. He takes his things, I’m surprised, I ask him what he’s doing. He answers me that I am stupid, violent words follow ”, explains the young woman of 27, who says she then went to bed while her ex-coach at the ES Blanc-Mesnil club continues to him “To utter insults” before striking him.

At the hearing this Tuesday at the Bobigny court, it was said that Alain Schmitt would have pulled Margaux Pinot by the hair to throw her to the ground, before striking her in the face. In her testimony, the judoka spoke of a strangulation. At Le Parisien, Margaux Pinot still confides: “I was both stunned and aware of what was going on. I came close to death. “

“There were sometimes big arguments, but he never slapped me”

She managed to take refuge with neighbors who called the police, who arrested Alain Schmitt at 2:27 a.m. Sunday morning when he was leaving in a VTC to go to the airport since he had to reach Tel Aviv where he was supposed to. integrate the staff of the women’s selection of Israel in order to prepare for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. As to whether Alain Schmitt (who left his position as coach of ES Blanc-Mesnil after the fourth consecutive coronation in the French Championship of D1 clubs, on November 14 in Perpignan) had already been violent towards her , Margaux Pinot told the Parisian: “He used to devalue me, to say hurtful things to me about my personality or my behavior. In four years, there were two violent episodes, but he had never touched my face. He had broken things in my apartment. There were sometimes big arguments, but he never slapped me. “

Victim of a broken nose, the champion claims to want to recover but does not think of stopping her career. Margaux Pinot is double European champion of -70 kg in 2019 and 2020. Last summer, she was part of the adventure of the mixed team event at the Olympic Games in Tokyo where France won gold, against the Japan.


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