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many positives in the rest of the A2, three days slip away «Bergamo and Sport

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The Mascio Blu Basket Group Treviglio (in the photo, top scorer Giddy Potts), gripped like the rest of the competitors by an unspecified number of cases of Covid-19, announces the postponement of the next three days of the regular season, the last first leg against the leaders Cantù and the first two return of the A2 series of basketball, the Girone Verde as far as it is concerned. So far, only one date is safe, at least unless counter-ordered: the match at PalaFacchetti of the 13th against the aforementioned San Bernardo CineLandia Park, initially scheduled for Sunday 2 January 2022, is postponed to Sunday 16 January 2022, again starting at 18.

“National Basketball League announces that, in light of the numerous positive cases of Covid-19 that have emerged in the last 48 hours, also heavily affecting several Serie A2 clubs, the FIP Agonistic Sector has accepted LNP’s request to postpone the entire day of championship scheduled for Sunday 2 January 2022 to Sunday 16 January – reads the official press release of the Federation -. By creating, in the first days of the month, the spaces necessary to play the matches postponed to date, valid for the first round, and which will define the 8 teams admitted to the Final Eight of the Italian Cup 2022. The rounds of 9 and 16 January, respectively first and second day of return, will be rescheduled later on the calendar, again in agreement between LNP and the FIP Agonistic Sector “.

Respectively hosting Mantua and Trapani, instead, the two bassaioli matches that the LNP will have to strive to re-enter in the program. Regarding the health situation within the team group of coach Michele Carrea, at the same time as the announcement of the positive swab (in compliance with the protocols) of “some members”, the Treviso-based company specifies that “The positive subjects are in quarantine and the rest of the group is in fiduciary isolation, following the established procedures”.

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