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Magdala Sport finishes first in group A and this Thursday group B of the Christmas Basketball Tournament will be decided

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The Christmas Basketball Tournament faces its last day corresponding to the group stage this Thursday, in which the semifinals and the two teams that will fight for fifth place will be completely decided. What is already known are the two teams that pass in group A, while B will have to wait for what happens in this Thursday’s game.

Regarding the day of Wednesday and in group A, Magdala Sport outperformed Sixty Ninners, despite the fact that the winners only had five players (plus Santi García on the bench, although he was injured). Formed by components of the Globalcaja CB Cuenca that plays in the Community League, they dominated from start to finish their rival, whose components are mostly junior players of the Cuenca team. The final result was 43-69, allowing Magdala Sport to advance to the semifinals first, while Sixty Ninners also advance to the semifinals as second. The third in contention in this group, the Dominican Republic, will fight for fifth place.

Before this meeting, a very exciting Steinburg Suave-Bar El Sargal, corresponding to group B. The game was full of alternatives, with small advantages for both teams and with options for victory for either of them. In the last quarter, Bar El Sargal broke the mark by seven points, but Steinburg Suave reacted from the triple and the crash came very even at the last minute. Both teams were able to decide the game in their favor, but in the end they tied and went into extra time. In the extra five minutes, the equality continued and it was necessary to wait for the final actions to know the winner. The result was 52-51 for Bar El Sargal, although Steinburg Suave had the last possession.

With this result, and although they ended up losing, Steinburg Suave already knows that he will go to the semifinals but he still does not know in what position. This is because the last game this Thursday (Bar El Sargal-Heretics) faces two teams that have worse basketaverage than them, so the winner of this match will be the one who accompanies Steinburg Suave to the semifinals. The clash will start at 5:30 p.m., as usual, on the Esperanza Calvo track.

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