Luis ‘el Chino’ Sandoval and Enrique Serje return to Junior

Not all names are new and bombastic. Junior is also undertaking a return operation for ‘old acquaintances’ in the middle of his payroll for the 2022 season. In addition to the official return of Miguel Borja and the very probable return of Jorge Arias, the ‘Sharks’ will again have two players emerged from his quarry who were on loan from other clubs, the brand midfielder Enrique Serje (Santa Fe) and forward Luis Sandoval (Fortaleza).

The two Atlantis will be under the command of coach Juan Cruz Real, from January 3, so that he can occupy the 35 registration places available for the 2022 season, which will have a fairly tight schedule with Sunday-Wednesday-Sunday matches.

The rojiblancos will face three tournaments: Liga, Copa Sudamericana and Copa Colombia. They need to have two teams and a large squad that allows them to make up for absences due to injury or sanction.

In what has to do with the goal, before the departure of Éder Chaux, Junior would give the opportunity to Sebastián Araújo, 24, and Jaime Acosta, 20, to accompany the stellar Sebastián Viera. They are two goalkeepers who have been trained at the club and who have the approval of José María Pazo, goalkeeping coach.

Junior tried to support Chaux so that he would continue being the second goalkeeper, but the Ibagueran chose to go to another club (Once Caldas) where he can play much more.



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