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Lots of Rumakiek, bad boys from Cigombong who become new stars for the national team

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JAYAPURA, KOMPAS.com – The journey of the Indonesian National Team (Timnas) in the 2021 AFF Cup has not ended because there are still two final matches to be played with Thailand as the opponent.

From the trip to the semifinal match against Singapore, there were several figures who emerged as stars, one of which was Ramai Rumakiek.

Only 19 years old, the actions of Ramai Rumakiek in national football have not been heard until his action in the AFF Cup has received a lot of praise.

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Born in Jayapura on April 19, 2002, Ramai Rumakiek is now a Persipura Jayapura player who is usually deployed as a winger.

The amount of praise addressed to Ramai Rumakiek, apparently is not surprising for Thomas Madjar, SSB Batik coach, where Ramai Rumakiek forged his football skills.

“Indonesia is surprised, but I’m not surprised,” he said in Jayapura, Wednesday (29/12/2021).

KOMPAS.COM/DHIAS SUWANDI Afra Fattie (left) and Hans Rumakiek who are the grandmother and father of Ramai Rumakiek who are now new stars in the Indonesian Football National Team, Jayapura, Papua, Wednesday (29/12/2021)

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SSB Batik is in the neighborhood where Ramai Rumakiek lives in Pemfa II Kotaraja Housing, Cigombong, Abepura District, Jayapura City, Papua, so he entered the school early on.

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According to Thomas, Ramai started training at the age of eight and has participated in various tournaments.

In 2014, Ramai Rumakiek became part of SSB Batik which won the Papua Regional Danon Nation Cup.

Thomas sees the figure of Ramai as a footballer who has various advantages.

Dominant with the right foot, Ramai has the ability to execute free kicks well.

In addition, despite only having a height of 165 centimeters, Ramai has an above average aerial duel ability.

“He does have a free-kick technique, from a young age his talent has been seen. Many have a high fighting spirit,” he said.

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“Rama’s stature is small but has a high jump, his timing for aerial duels is very good. In the Ramai team he always stands out, has good speed and dribbling,” continued Thomas.

In fact, he has a special nickname for Ramai Rumakiek.

“I call him ‘the mad dog’ because Many never get tired and never give up,” he said.

From SSB Batik, Ramai Rumakiek then entered Persipura U-16 and U-18. Only in the 2021 season, he entered the Persipura senior team under the tutelage of Jacksen F Tiago.

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Thomas also praised Ramai Rumakiek’s soaring performance in the Indonesian national team, only he also reminded Rama that this was just the beginning of his professional career so it was still too soon to be complacent.

“I feel proud because my hard work has not been in vain. But don’t be complacent, this is just the beginning of a career. If you want to go further, seriously, don’t be complacent because it will sink and it’s not a fairy tale that has happened a lot, you have to be low heart, keep discipline,” said Thomas.

Hard brat

In the eyes of the family, the figure of Ramai Rumakiek turned out to be a naughty child and often stubborn when he had a desire.

Since childhood, Ramai, who is the youngest child of Hans Rumakiek and Faradiba, lived in the house of his grandparents, the late David Rumakiek and Afra Fattie.

For his grandmother, since childhood, Ramai’s life was never far from football, so his character was brought into the playing field.

“Many are a bit stubborn, hard, if he wants something he chases right. Many are stubborn, so impressed hard,” said Afra.

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But, despite his harsh nature, Many are family lovers.

Since entering the Indonesian national team’s training camp, he has never been absent from making video calls with his grandmother.

“Every day video calls to his house, asking how he is and what stories he is going through,” he said.

With his grandson’s brilliant performance at the 2021 AFF Cup, Afra hopes that Ramai Rumakiek’s career can shine even more.

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In addition to being expected to be able to bring the national team to become the AFF Cup champion, he hopes that many will be able to have a career abroad because at this time he is still very young.

“Very proud and hope that he can continue his career, if you want to leave the country we only support it, the important thing is that many people must remain humble and disciplined,” said the grandmother.

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