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LIVE: Does Lucinda Brand also eat up the competition in Zolder? | Superprestige women 2021

by archysport

The women also skip from one cross-appointment to another during this holiday season. Lucinda Brand is of course the top favorite in Heusden-Zolder, but at the Circuit of Terlaemen she may have to tolerate more contradiction. Appointment from 13.40 h.

  1. 13 hours 32. It’s going well, but every time I’m just at the starting line again. I still feel the cross from yesterday a bit. . Lucinda Brand after her 10 out of 12.
  2. 13 hours 29. Different course than yesterday. Yesterday it was mainly stomping in Dendermonde, but today it should normally be different. Technique and explosiveness will play a greater role in this faster orbit. .
  3. 13 hours 17. Unfortunately, it is gradually becoming a familiar sight, but the public is not welcome in Zolder either. The silence of the Sacramentsberg, where spectators are never allowed, hangs over the entire course. .
  4. 10 hours 44.
  5. 09h29. Enjoy the very exciting cross of last year with the women again:.

    Enjoy the very exciting cross from last year with the women:

  6. 09h27. No Vos and Pieterse. At the end of December, the championships are already gently emerging and suddenly Sanne Cant is poking her nose at the window again. The Belgian champion finished 7th yesterday and is looking for confirmation today. Don’t look for Marianne Vos and Puck Pieterse on your list of participants today. They fit for this cross. .
  7. 9 am 27.
  8. 9 a.m. 25. 4 out of 5 for Lucinda Brand. Lucinda Brand is without a doubt the woman of the motocross season. The world champion already won her 11th cross of the season in Dendermonde yesterday, but she is not only dominating in the World Cup. In the Superprestige she also leads the way thanks to a 4 out of 5. Only in Ruddervoorde was Denise Betsema able to break through the series. What will the verdict be on Limburg soil? The starting gun will be given at 1.40 pm. .

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