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Lillard lets go of his 5 favorite players all-time … and snubs LeBron!

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Like any player in the big league, Damian Lillard had childhood idols on which he wanted to play his game. Not long ago, he revealed his Top 5 of his favorite players! Spoiler, LeBron James is not cited … but we immediately understand better his appetite for scoring.

Without question, we can say that Damian Lillard will be a source of inspiration for many future playmakers. The franchise player of the Blazers has contributed to the revolution of the league in terms of three-pointers, whether through his shots the buzzer in the playoffs or his very long distance shots. It’s not for nothing that he’s considered one of the best shooters since midfield, with Stephen Curry !

Since we are talking about an example for young people, the native of Oakland has also grown up with some players whom they admired more than all. During a question-answer session with his fans, the Olympic champion also took the opportunity to reveal his five favorite all-time players. On the program, shoot, shoot and more shoot, and especially some behemoths of the orange ball:

Allen Iverson, idole n°1 de Damian Lillard

I will definitely say Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, I was a big fan of Stephon Marbury, Gilbert Arenas, Kobe. These are all my favorites, and I loved Allen Iverson most of all because he reminded me of a neighborhood kid, you know, who grew up in the neighborhood and went through a real struggle and a tough environment.

I think you know it when you see it, you know, the demeanor, the body language, the energy, you know it when you see it, and AI, he had that. I saw it in him, and it gave me real hope and something to follow as a kid. He gave me something to follow as a child. So I would say Allen Iverson is my number one basketball idol.

As you can see, no LeBron James in this list, but it may seem normal. Indeed, we quickly realize that Dame DOLLA lists names whose style of play closely resembles the one he practices: players on the back lines, very athletic and focused on scoring. Capable of releasing a few well-felt crossovers, Lillard was certainly inspired by a reference in the field like The Answer.

Suddenly, it is hardly surprising that we see him today pulling out 40, 50 or even 60 points in a match. Moreover, it is not only in the field that he pays homage to his illustrious elders. Following the death of the Mamba, n ° 0 dedicated a song to him in his new album, with Snoop Dogg. An extremely classy gesture on his part!

Clearly, the Top 5 favorite players of Damian Lillard can be seen. When we see the career that the Blazer is leading today, we say to ourselves that it should also be entitled to this honor in the future!

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