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“Let me have my signature on our 100th anniversary”

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Beysu Konyaspor Basketball Coach Okan Cevik made important statements about the agenda.

Çevik, the successful coach of the green-white team, stated that they achieved successful results in the league. Noting that difficult matches are waiting for them, Okan Çevik said, “The team has been winning different victories in the last two weeks. It is pleasing in that respect. But what is really pleasing is not the victory, but the fact that we have risen seriously in our basketball. Gradually, we are coming to the last point in small touch-ups within the team. Because we aim to both play in terms of system and bring player features to the fore. Blending these two takes time, naturally we are working on it gradually. Every day, there are additions and innovations in our system. Naturally, they are a process. After that we will go higher. I think we are on a good track.

I said at the beginning of the season. We have 30 difficult matches. First of all, we will try not to play the 31st game. So yes, we finished with 8 wins in 9 of these 30 games. We are in an advantageous position. This week we will face Ormanspor. It will be a tough match. Our preparations continue. Hopefully, we will win that game too,” he said.


The successful coach of the green-white team said that their goal this season is the championship. Noting that he would like to have his signature on the 100th anniversary of the club, Çevik said, “Our goal is to rise to the championship and the super league as a team. This year we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of our club. I said this the first day I came. I want my signature on the date that will be written on the 100th anniversary. All our work is for this. In the 100th anniversary of a community like Konyaspor, me and my team, my athletes, our management, our president, we all want to reach the championship at the end of the season. I hope we will be able to achieve this,” he said.


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