Leo Suárez will not be an impediment for a reinforcement to arrive in America

Leonardo Suarez has become a very mentioned name in the americanist market During these last weeks, being a player who does not enter into plans for the institution, but who at the same time is in the club and being a foreigner, he occupies a place of not trained in Mexico, which, on paper, would hinder the arrival of a new reinforcement given that the quotas of foreigners for now in Coapa they are full.

However, this need not be the case. And is that Monumental Eagles was able to confirm that the arrival of a new reinforcement does not depend on Leo Suarez whether or not to leave the club. It is a fact that the Argentine will not play again with the jersey of the blue cream and he does not occupy a place abroad because he was discharged from the League in the previous tournament, this added to the fact that there are no intentions to register him before the opening day no matter what happens.

The Argentine midfielder underwent an operation a few months ago and although he has already completed his rehabilitation period, he will not be considered by Santiago Solari given that his football conditions do not match what the manager expects from an element in his position, particularly explosion and depth.


In that same tenor, in the Nest They have it clear: an extreme will come, yes or yes. At the moment different names have been put into the Americanist orbit, such as the cases of Joao Rojas Y Joaquin Montecinos, the first discarded by sources close to EmelecWhile, in the case of the Chilean, it was offered to the club and has not transcended beyond simple informal talks.

In this way, you can be sure that America will have the reinforcement it wants and this will not depend on what Leo Suarez leave the institution or not.



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