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LeBron tries to imitate Michael Jordan and makes a fool of himself!

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LeBron James knows he’s not far from Michael Jordan in the hierarchy all-time, and even if he doesn’t necessarily admit it, he must be yearning to overtake it one day. He also tried to imitate him during the meeting against the Pistons, but he made a big fool of himself.

A few years from now in the NBA history books, LeBron James and Michael Jordan will undoubtedly be side by side at the top of the hierarchy of the best players of all time. One dominated the 90s with a record that we no longer present, when the other has been at the top of the league for 19 years already and should retire with a multitude of totally mind-blowing records.

And then the two also have moments of legend on the floors. LeBron James has his many monstrous alley-oops with the Heat, his counter against the board on Andre Iguodala in the 2016 Finals… But MJ undoubtedly has the advantage in this area for a simple reason: he added arrogance to his talent. to make the fans dream. We especially remember his many free throws with his eyes closed to establish his domination.

LeBron closes his eyes on a throw… Like Jordan

Can you be more confident than that in your abilities? Even though he was shooting “only” 83% success from the free throw line, MJ felt good enough to close his eyes and put his shot in. A method tried by LeBron during the reception of the Pistons this Sunday, when the meeting was already folded. Unfortunately, the result was quite different from Michael Jordan… Read the King’s lips carefully:

I’ll shoot it with my eyes closed

LeBron James doesn’t have a lot of flaws in the game, other than his lack of skill from the free throw line (career 73%). Seeing him attempt such an acrobatics is therefore quite surprising, unlike the result which is not at all. He was 5/7 at the time of the game, which is not necessarily enough to show such confidence.

Fortunately for LeBron James, this sequence did not make the buzz, so he was able to avoid a torrent of criticism, especially on Twitter. It remains to be seen whether he will attempt this difficult technical gesture again, especially for a historically mediocre free throw shooter.

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