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Laker explains “the beauty” of stacking defeats

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In full decline since the injury of Anthony Davis, the Lakers remain on 5 consecutive defeats. A member of the team manages to bring out a positive point in this sad series, which should nevertheless be debated among fans!

Contrary to what can be read here and there in recent days, LeBron James is not going through the worst collective period of his career. On several occasions, the King has already suffered setbacks in the past, including during his first season with the Lakers. However, the dynamics currently presented by the franchise, with 5 consecutive defeats, remains despite everything of the most worrying.

For example, the Angelinos were dominated by a total of 76 points in this pale series, which this time represents an unfortunate first for the King. His team’s defense has never felt so porous as it has in recent days, while his offense relies almost entirely on LBJ’s exploits. Suffice to say that this table is not reassuring for the many fans of Purple & Gold.

Fizdale sees Lakers glass half full

Now 9th in the standings of the Western Conference (16-18), Frank Vogel’s men see the specter of a new failed season growing. Promulgated at the head of the bench in the absence of the main coach, David Fizdale for his part retains an optimistic outlook on the whole situation. On the eve of the match against the Rockets, he was delighted with the good attitude displayed by his leaders in this zone of turbulence.

David Fizdale said the only “beauty” that can be gleaned from the Lakers’ 5-game losing streak has been “the leadership that emerges in that context,” which he called “something that can be admired. “

He credited LeBron, Russ, AD and Melo for their ability to keep the group concerned “without pointing fingers at anyone. “

In spite of the pitiful results and the criticisms which accumulate, the locker room of LA would thus remain united, with headliners who do not give up their supporting cast. As Fizdale points out, this should be noted. Nevertheless, it now seems urgent that this leadership be reflected on the parquet floors, and transmit to the role players the confidence necessary to shine. Without this, the continuation of events promises to be a difficult one !

No question of giving in to defeatism for David Fizdale, who prefers to report the rare lightening of the moment to the Lakers. In the meantime, this does not allow the franchise to win matches, which in the end remains the most important!

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