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Labrador helps critically ill owner regain self-confidence and become a skilled archer

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Thanks to her assistance dog, a disabled fifty-something has not only found a social life, but she can also devote herself to her passion which is archery. She even hopes to join the British Paralympic selection.

Jupiter changed the life ofAmanda Davidson. For this 53-year-old woman, who lives in Lincoln in the East of England, his assistance dog is valuable in more ways than one.

Amanda Davidson

Amanda Davidson suffers from several illnesses that cause her to use a wheelchair. 24 years earlier, she had had to leave her post as a police officer due to serious injuries. She then had a job at the SAMU in the region. Other than work, she had hardly any contact with people. She preferred to stay cloistered at home.

This is no longer the case since the arrival of Jupiter, formed by the organization Support Dogs. The Labrador Retriever in the black coat doesn’t just help her on a daily basis, especially by picking up objects that she drops or by removing her socks. He also encouraged her to go out and meet people. ” You are invisible, in a way, when you are in a wheelchair. But with Jupiter, people come to you more. They want to know more about assistance dogs, interact with a person with a disability and break down barriers She said, in fact, about it to Team Dogs.

Amanda Davidson

The canine’s contribution does not stop there. He encouraged him to devote himself to his passion: archery. Amanda Davidson has been doing it even more assiduously since she retired from work, and has achieved good results: gold medal at the tournament of the Civil Service Archery Association, silver medal 2 years in a row during the National Disability Championships, not to mention the national records she broke.

Support Dogs

Soon the retirement for Jupiter

She now aims to be part of the British national handisport team and take part in the next Paralympic Games, which will take place in 2024 in Paris. She can count on the full support of Jupiter to succeed. However, he will not do this indefinitely as a service dog, as he will soon reach retirement age.

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Support Dogs

A saddening perspective Amanda Davidson, who nevertheless consoles himself by keeping in mind that he will stay by his side. Even if he will no longer be called upon to assist her, the Labrador will still be part of her family and will continue to live with her, while another assistance dog will take over in the daily assistance tasks. .


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