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KV Mechelen pushes Seraing a little deeper into the swamp | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

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  1. 22′ – Yellow – Rob Schoofs
  2. 20′ – Yellow – Youssef Maziz
  1. 90+1′ – Yellow – Joachim Van Damme
  2. 88′ – Yellow – Sheldon Bateau
  3. 78′ – Cont. Rob Schoofs by Onur Kaya
  4. 78′ – Cont. Ferdy Druijf by Joachim Van Damme
  5. 76 ‘- Verv. Ibrahima Cissé door Marius Mouandilmadji
  6. 71 ‘- Geel – Ibrahima Cissé
  7. 65′ – Cont. Samuel Oum Gouet by Jordi Vanlerberghe
  8. 64′ – Goal – Hugo Cuypers (2 – 0)
  9. 62 ‘- Verv. Gérald Kilota door Antoine Bernier
  10. 61′ – Yellow – Lucas Bijker
  11. 60′ – Cont. Geoffry Hairemans by Hugo Cuypers
  12. 58′ – Goal – Ferdy Druijf (1 – 0)
  13. 49′ – Geel – Mansoni Sambu

Seraing has suffered a 5th defeat in a row in Mechelen. KVM knocked out the visitors in the 2nd half with 2 goals in 6 minutes. After the match, Seraing ended the collaboration with coach Jordi Condom.

KV Mechelen – Seraing in a nutshell:

  • key moment: Just before half-time, Maziz curls a short corner kick dangerously towards the goal. Coucke has a brilliant reflex at home.
  • Man of the match: KV Mechelen can light a candle for Gaetan Coucke. The goalkeeper kept his team upright 5 times before KV Mechelen started to score.
  • Remarkable: For the first time in 10 matches, KV Mechelen has once again got a clean sheet. No coincidence that that is against Seraing, because the newcomer in 1A has already failed to score in the competition 5 times in a row.

View the goals from KV Mechelen – Seraing (2-0)

Seraing encounters Coucke 4 times, KVM strikes after the break

Up to 4 times, Gaetan Coucke kept KV Mechelen right before the break. Especially at the 4th chance of shooting, a goal attempt by Maziz, the goalkeeper shook up a great save.

KV Mechelen was not under the market. Taste maker Mrabti had signed out sick for the match. Schoofs – just back after a corona infection – did not give home in the 1st half.

When Coucke – he again – after the coffee unpacked with a cat jump at an attempt by Jallow, Seraing got the lid on the nose.

Druijf headed a cross from Swers against the ropes. 6 minutes later, Cuypers, who had just come in, made it 2-0 after a nice preparatory work by Storm.

Seraing was thrown off balance and couldn’t get over that double blow. Marius still came to sniff the 2-1, but his header exploded on the crossbar.

The 5th defeat in a row was also the last match of coach Jordi Condom. Seraing reported after the game that the club is ending the collaboration.

Condom remains lonely after dismissal:

Cuypers: “Getting used to playing without an audience again”

Maziz tries with a rabona, but his pass doesn’t arrive:

  1. second half, minute 93 match over
  2. second half, minute 91. End. KV Mechelen knocked out Seraing in the second half with 2 goals in 6 minutes. Seraing dives into the new year as the penultimate, KVM gets the top 5 in sight. .
  3. Yellow card for Joachim Van Damme of KV Mechelen during the second half, minute 91
  4. second half, minute 89. 2 minutes. Referee Vergoote charges 2 minutes extra playing time. .
  5. Yellow card for Sheldon Bateau of KV Mechelen during the second half, minute 88
  6. second half, minute 87. Regular time is almost over. Seraing is on his way to a 5th defeat in a row, KV Mechelen gets the top 5 in their sights. .
  7. second half, minute 84. Bateau has moved up and is suddenly face to face with Dietsch. The KVM defender aims straight at the goalkeeper. .
  8. Marius against the bar. It’s not going well for Seraing tonight either. Marius sees his header explode on the crossbar. . second half, minute 83.
  9. Dietsch saves Seraing from 3-0. Cuypers tries to score his 2nd goal with a neck blow. Dietsch clears the deviated effort from below the top right corner. . second half, minute 81.
  10. second half, minute 80. Seraing still sniffs at a goal. But Peyre is in the right place to block Mikautadze’s shot. .
  11. second half, minute 79. KV Mechelen now mainly keeps the ball in the team. Jeroen van der Loop (in Sporza on Radio 1).
  12. second half, minute 78. Substitution at KV Mechelen, Onur Kaya in, Rob Schoofs out
  13. second half, minute 78. Substitution at KV Mechelen, Joachim Van Damme in, Ferdy Druijf out
  14. second half, minute 78. Double substitution at KVM. Schoofs and goalscorer Druijf make way for Kaya and Van Damme. .
  15. second half, minute 76. Storm takes a breather after a sharp action. He was not decisive this time, but the left winger has another assist to his name. .
  16. second half, minute 76. Substitution at RFC Seraing, Marius Mouandilmadji in, Ibrahima Cissé out
  17. second half, minute 75. Jordi Condom throws Marius into the fray. Can he still turn the tide for Seraing? .
  18. second half, minute 74. A shot by Mikautadze outside the big rectangle is a breeze for Coucke. The goalkeeper is the man of the match with 4 good saves before KV Mechelen started to score. .
  19. Yellow card for RFC Seraing’s Ibrahima Cissé during the second half, minute 71
  20. second half, minute 70. Despite the double blow, Seraing is still looking for a goal. To please their coach Jordi Condom one last time in 2021. .

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