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Kris Bryant and the Yankees: a logical association?

by archysport

MLB baseball has been on hiatus since the sick leave officially went off a few weeks ago. This does not mean that the rumors are extinguished, however.

Right now, the eyes of New York Yankees fans are all on Brian Cashman to see what he has in store for them as a home run. Because yes, you have to expect the Yanks to spend a lot on an elite league player.

The names of Trevor Story and Carlos Correa, two shortstop players, have been heard in the Big Apple since the free agent market opened. But it is not only these players who could prove attractive to the New York squad.

Freddie Freeman and Kris Bryant are still free as the sky, and Sportsnet New York is really wondering if the Bronx Bombers should set their sights on the last player I named, Kris Bryant.

The rumors haven’t necessarily linked him to the Yankees, but on paper it would be a logical choice. No, it’s not a shortstop, but he’s a natural third baseman who has spent some time in the outfield which is a plus.

Bryant finished the last campaign for the San Francisco Giants, where he did well.

The question to ask is: if Bryant ever really landed in New York, what would happen with Gio Urshela? The latter moved to third base last year and did well, but is also capable of playing from a shortstop.

However, we agree on the fact that Kris Bryant has the talent to replace him. In fact, he’s proven to be a better third baseman than Urshela since the start of his career.

So it would be inevitable to put Bryant in the third pad and work out a solution with Urshela, who said in October that he was ready to play shortstop full-time.

The option to trade him could also surface for the Yankees. Urshela is endowing herself with good value in the transaction market and New York could certainly find a dance partner to send her to other skies and, by the way, receive good assets in return.

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