Jürgen Klinsmann talks about Duván Zapata and his goal drought in the Colombian National Team, Qualifying | Colombia selection

Duván Zapata’s goals in Atalanta are lemon drops on the national wound: why is it so easy for him to score in Atalanta and not in Colombia for more than a year?

The experts ask the question, not only in the country or in South America, but even in Europe, where Valle del Cauca is one of the most respected and feared forwards. It was not by accident that he was the best attacker in all the leagues last November.

Everyone has had their say on the subject, but now a world champion does it, the German Jürgen Klinsmann.

“When they play for their national team they play differently than in their European club and they have that ability to adapt quickly depending on the moment, it is just a complement,” he said in a talk with the newspaper AS.

And look at the reading of who knew how to be a scorer, like Duván: “You probably have a better look than I have because you have seen all the club and national team games. I think it always depends on the environment, I mean that maybe he is surrounded by players who feed him, constantly nurture him, perhaps that is why it is easier for him to score in his club than in the national team. It all depends on how the parties come together, “he said.

Indeed, passing anemia is the big problem, not only for Zapata but for all the forwards of Reinaldo Rueda’s team: it is the great mole of his management not to find an efficient partner, beyond James, who in Barranquilla, against Paraguay gave at least three clean balls that were not used by Duván himself and Miguel Borja. In any case, there is little offensive flow having men on the sides like Cuadrado and Díaz, prominent in their clubs, especially the man from Porto.

And yet Klinsmann surrenders to the power and talent of the good Zapata: “I like the way he plays too much, he is a very strong forward, he is very disciplined, he has too much potential and one day we will be able to see him in a bigger team Atalanta is a great club, but it was close to closing with a Milan team, it all depends on how you surround yourself, “he said.

The German believes that the passion for football also influences this side of the world, which is not even close to what you see in Europe: “when I watch these games in South America I think I am very intense, sometimes very physical, it is never easy for the referees (laughs). I think they don’t lose anything, they just adapt in the way they play … What I have always liked about South American football is that it has the highest level of technique because children grow up playing football every day days on the streets, in the neighborhood, then they can acquire an enormous technical sense that later transform it into a professional, “he explained.

The risk, however, is high: “The point is that sometimes they can be very emotional because they love the game so much, they feel it too much. Here and there things get out of control and that’s when rivals take you out of bounds because they are calm, more controlled (Europeans) A typical German would say “you have to be more disciplined in those moments”.




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