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Judoka Margaux Pinot beaten by her coach-mate. “Death touched me”

by archysport


03.12.2021 – 13:370

The story of the Olympic gold in Tokyo, who posted the images of the swollen face on social media: “He was drunk. Then …”

FRANCE – The swollen face, the crooked nose and the bruises to obscure a gloomy look. This is the portrait of the photograph posted on social media by the Olympic gold medalist in Judo Margaux Pinot, violently beaten by his coach and partner Alain Schimitt, who had recently received the post of coach of the Israeli women’s team.

The images are impressive and the story that the athlete has entrusted to Le Parisien is also impressive. “Alain was expected to pass by me, I should have accompanied him to the airport. He was drunk. Once he arrived, he said he would no longer need me and started insulting me. I was half asleep, I didn’t quite understand what was happening, but death touched me “.

In the story it also emerges that Schmitt “grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground, breaking my nose. She often had a habit of insulting me. We fought often, but she never raised her hands.”

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