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Judo and JuJitsu, a December to be framed

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Before the well-deserved end-of-year holidays, December was a very busy month for Fijlkam judo and jujitsu athletes. It starts on the weekend of 11 and 12 December with the finals of Italian jujitsu championships where the athletes of the Pro Patria of Busto Arsizio accompanied by the coach Daniele Pellegatta they conquer a brilliant second place in the specialty ne waza Brazilian Jujitsu with Luca Bianchi. Davide Brancato’s performance was also good, although he did not finish in the first places, he did well, showing a good technique.

Also at the Pro Patria home on Sunday two initiatives at the same time, the exams of Dan of the CR Lombardia Judo in Montichiari (BS) where Gabriele Crosta, formerly 2nd dan Coach, with Uke Mirko Gallazzi he successfully passed the test to obtain the Third Dan.
In Segrate the young Beginners fought in the Endas National Race, Luca Chiarella came in second place, Margherita Puce at the third, Michael Cannone he participated well fighting.
We also remember the Appiano Gentile event on 8 December, organized by the local Mon Club association, which saw 15 boys from the Bustese society participate, having fun and taking home on a day when it was snowing, a characteristic medal and an excellent cue of chocolate.

On Sunday 18 December in Tarcento the athletes of the Strength and Faith Varese they participated in the thirty-sixth edition of the “Valli del Torre“ trophy, ultimately resulting in the first classified club.
Below are the results of the strong roburini of the technician Manuel Ghiringhelli: Mattia Pellizzaro he competed in the 55kg and ranks first by winning 2 matches for ippon; Matteo Pignone 60 kg first place. 3 matches won for ippon; Gabriele Travetti 60 kg third place; Paolo D’angelo 66 kg first place 2 matches won for ippon; Giulio Molinaro 73 kg first place 2 matches won for ippon; Filippo Indelicato 81kg runner-up 1 match won 1 lost; Nicolò Assi +90 kg first place.

On the same weekend (18 and 19 December) the absolute of Italy. Category 78 kg fifth place of Claudia Cerutti by Ken Kyu Kai Somma Lombardo, Category +100 kg sixteenth place for Christian Formentin Pro Patria Judo Busto Arsizio, Category 66 kg tenth place for Claudio Tomasini Ken Kyu Kai Somma Lombardo and Category 90 kg seventeenth place for Christian Sagunti CSG Bust Garolfo.

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