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Journalists’ Predictions: Washington vs. Vaqueros

by archysport

This weekend, Dallas fans will have a chance to see something they haven’t seen since 2018 – watch their team celebrate an NFC East title. Better yet, the Cowboys will be able to celebrate at home, against their hated rivals.

But before we celebrate, there is a game to play and Washington will be fighting for his life this Sunday. A loss would drop them to 6-9 and virtually eliminate them from playoff contention.

The Cowboys have the advantage. It is a more talented team, healthier and they are playing at home against an enemy who has to play after a short week. However, in this rivalry, we have learned that anything can happen.

So far, there has been a good season for the Cowboys in 2021, but maybe even better for our journalists. Combined, all four have a 41-15 record with their teams. Last week, they were united in selecting Dallas to leave New York with a victory. What do you think of the game against Washington? We asked them the question and we already have their answers. ⬇️

Week 16: Washington Soccer Team (+9.5) vs. Dallas Cowboys

Jhon Fernando Maldonado

Record: 11-3
Spread bet: 9-4-1

Two weeks after their first game of the season, Dallas and Washington meet again. This time, the Cowboys are one win away from claiming the NFC East division title. And this can be done against an opponent who is still decimated by casualties.

While the Washington Football Team will be able to count on quarterback Taylor Heinicke and defensive end Montez Sweat, it remains to be seen what other ups and downs they add up later this week. Either way, the capital’s team is still quite decimated due to injuries and COVID-19. And this can be an advantage for Dallas.

Either way, the Cowboys are not to be trusted. To win, the defense will be key as in the last games. However, the offense commanded by Dak Prescott is bound to put on a great performance again. It is difficult to know if they will be able to achieve it, but if they can capitalize on the opportunities that the defense gives them, it will be more than enough. It may be a close duel, but I think Dallas can be crowned the NL East champion this Sunday. Dallas 26, Washington 20.

Mauro Tognacca

Mauro TognaccaRecord: 10-4
Spread bet: 10-4

The Cowboys are one step away from securing the division title. However, your goal should be to finish as high as possible in the National Conference seeding. For this reason, he must come out focused beyond the notorious superiority he has over his rival.

On offense, the line will be very important due to the complications that the Football Team could generate. Defensive linemen Montez Sweat, Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne are the strengths of his roster. On the other side of the ball, the priority must be to stop the rushing attacks. If the defense slows down, Washington doesn’t have many other yardage options. Dallas 27, Washington 13.

Francisco Maclas

Record: 11-3
Spread bet: 8-6

The Cowboys have to win at AT&T Stadium this Sunday night not only to secure the division once and for all, but to stay in the race for that first place in the National Conference.

First of all, the defense already has the measure to rival quarterback Taylor Heinicke, with whom they already saw the faces in the FedExField and gave him four quarterback sacks and an interception. So something similar should happen at the Cowboys’ home this weekend.

Those who do have an outstanding debt and have to go to the front is the offensive. The rushing game improved a bit against the Giants and the passing pace looked a little more fluid, but problems remain as they reach the end zone. That will be something that Dak Prescott and the rest of the receiving corps will have to figure out if they want to be a tough contender in the postseason.

My forecast is for the Cowboys, although closed again but securing the NFC East. Dallas 24, Washington 17.

Michael AP Romano

MP RomanoRecord: 9-5
Apuesta a margin (spread): 7-7

Ho Ho Ho Santa has been generous this season with wins in Dallas, but this week the Cowboys are looking forward to another treat; the title of the NFC East.

While waiting for this gift, Dallas unexpectedly received another gift from the NFL. That little gift was when the league changed Washington’s game against Philadelphia from Sunday to Tuesday last week. They made the date change to give Washington more time to recover from an impressive COVID affliction, which affected more than 20 players on the team.

However, this act of support has a great disadvantage; Although Washington won an additional two days off against Philadelphia, a game they lost, it also means that Washington must play Dallas in a short week. Worse still, it’s an away game, so they’ll travel to Dallas with just 4 days off.

Do you know how is the record of teams that play away from home in a short week? Lousy. And that was when they played on Monday. In this case, Washington played on Tuesday.

I don’t see any scenario that results in a victory for Washington. The only question I have is the bottom line, and whether the offense in Dallas can correct the problems they have had in the red zone. Dallas 22, Washington 9.

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