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Johannes Bitter valuable for HSV Hamburg

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Da he stood on the edge of the field, in socks, still in a yellow jersey, and talked about a first half of the season that was much better than expected – but ended with an unworthy final chord. “If someone had told me in the summer that we had 16 points at the end of the year, I would have bought it straight away,” said Johannes Bitter, the handball goalkeeper who has already experienced so much. “At the moment I’m disappointed because we have zero points tonight.”

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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The Handball Sport Verein Hamburg (HSVH) lost 26:27 on Monday evening against Bergische HC; Bitter’s ten saves could not prevent the defeat. But the fact that the newcomer from the Hanseatic city was the favorite in the game against the established Bundesliga member shows how successful the first half of the season was. “Overall, we can go into the second half of the season with a broad chest and be very proud of ourselves,” said Bitter. The relegation places are seven points away.

The yield is the best of a newcomer in five years, which is all the more remarkable as the HSVH largely trusts the players who have moved up from the upper to the Bundesliga in recent years. The new HSV has nothing to do with the former million euro product. Something is growing together at HSVH; There is agreement between the coach, the team and the club management, and the audience gives the club an interest and confidence in difficult times.

These are reasons why Johannes Bitter feels so comfortable here. “I am very satisfied with my performance,” he says. “I set out to make ten saves in each game. That was pretty good. And on top of that, there are a few more tasks for the team that I have. I’m the one who tries to address everything. “


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