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Joel Embiid starts a mess … and kicks a player!

by archysport

In a rather quiet game, the Sixers easily beat the Wizards this Sunday night. Joel Embiid had a big game, all while sending off an opponent. It’s done.

In difficulty in recent weeks, the Sixers must take all possible victories for the playoffs, and hoping for reinforcement in the coming months. The hope is that Ben Simmons will be traded, which could allow this roster to recover multiple strengths. It shouldn’t displease Joel Embiid, who will need help in the future.

Despite the events, Philadelphia still dreams of the title, which promises to be very complex to fetch with this roster. However, this Sunday evening, no problem to gain the upper hand over the Wizards, deprived of Bradley Beal. The final score? A violent 117-96, and a record which passes to 17-16 for the men of Doc Rivers.

Another altercation for Joel Embiid!

The man of the match is certainly Embiid, author of 36 points at 12/17 shooting, in addition to 13 rebounds. We can also talk about his altercation with Montrezl Harrell, who did not appreciate the blows given in the racket. Officials and other players intervened before the violence escalated, although the Sixer tried to calm things down… at first.

However, as can be seen in the second part of the video, Embiid is on purpose to anger his opponent with an and-one. He takes a stroller and demands a sanction from the referees. Result: a technique, the second for Harrell, synonymous with ejection. We imagine that the Wizards will be angry after this scene:

It was tense between Montrezl Harrell and Joel Embiid that night. It is the Sixers who leave with a smile, even if we will closely monitor the reunion. Watch out for revenge.

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