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Jhonny Ramírez recounted the “vetoes” he suffered in Colombian soccer, due to the “black lists” | betplay league

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On December 2, Jhonny Ramírez, former footballer of Envigado, Real Cartagena, Boyacá Chicó, Millonarios, Junior de Barranquilla, Cúcuta Deportivo, Cortuluá and Leones, issued a trill, on his social networks, which generated a stir, due to the history that counted.

“Dimayor’s gentlemen’s agreement is an open secret, the veto of the player who goes free, I suffered it in 2021 when I resigned from Boyacá Chicó, we were champions and no team wanted to hire me, but Millonarios shook my hand and ignored that agreement shit … “were his words.

These words came just after it became known that the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) said that it filed charges against Dimayor and 16 clubs of the two divisions “for alleged anti-competitive acts that would have prevented the transaction of at least 16 players, between 2018 and 2021. “

“If the players want to negotiate the contract, they veto them to go find another team,” said Andrés Barreto, head of that organization, to ‘Noticias Caracol’. And “if they decide that they want to end it for a just cause, they remain hostages of the club until they release their sports rights,” he added.

On this, Acolfutpro also ruled that “it is extremely serious that Colombian football clubs have black lists of players” and that the corresponding measures will be taken against the groups involved, in order to prevent this from continuing to happen, since it violates any labor law .

So, this Friday, December 3, in ‘Blog Deportivo’, from ‘Blu Radio’, they contacted the ex-flyer Jhonny Ramírez to tell his story and find out what he experienced at the time, when he was a member of the Boyacá ranks. Chicó, one of the paintings in discord.

What happened?
“At that time, I was very sorry about what they did in Dimayor; they discriminated against a player who did not want to be in a team for some reasons. When that happened, he did not agree with some insults that were taken in Boyacá Chicó, they did not pay a pension or I quit. At that time no one wanted to hire me, until I got to Millonarios, who opened the doors for me and ignored that pact, and fulfills me with everything a worker has in Colombia. Slavery is over and we can’t continue with the practices of before. “

How did you realize that veto?
“You feel it. We finished a good season and the clubs began to call you, expressing the desire to have you and saying that later they would call me again, but they never did because when they asked me what my current situation was, I knew I said them and it was clear when I told them that I had resigned from Boyacá Chicó. At that moment, they knew what could happen and they never called me again to try to confront me because they knew it would be a problem. “

Do you know the case of a player who has finished his career because of that?
“The first person to experience it was José Julián de la Cuesta, when he was not very happy at Atlético Nacional when he started his career, he resigned from the contract he had and left for Spain. He had problems even going to the Colombia U-20 National Team, but Professor Reinaldo Rueda was there and he doesn’t worry about it. There are many players who have gone through these situations, but they don’t have the capacity or character to say it because they know that it brings difficulties and the clubs play with the needs of the players. “

Did you only suffer it in Boyacá Chicó?
“The truth is, I never had more difficulties. When we had sports rights, we were more slaves because we had no way to disengage from the club. Then the contracts came and it was easier to disengage. Then I did not live it again because I went to serious and big teams like Millionaires , Junior, among others. “

Do you think it will continue to happen or will action be taken?
“Dimayor must correct many things because they always do everything for their benefit and do not think of others. We must be more fair. Hopefully, seeing so many injustices, something can happen. We must continue to warn and show so that everything improves.”

This year, has any player contacted you to express that they are experiencing something similar?
“Yes. After the tweet, an ex-teammate called me to tell me that he is tired in a team and asked me for advice. He already told the team owners that he does not want to be there, but they replied that if he left, he would have to pay 2 million dollars. So the situation for the players is complicated. You have to handle things well. It is difficult to advise someone on such cases. “

Then you cannot let go of something, until you have something else grasped …
“One cannot be a slave to work or to a place where one does not want to. Everything should be easier and always thinking of the benefit of all, that the best football, its field is beneficial for each of the parties.”

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