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Jerry Jones jokes about Washington and the bench incident

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The historic rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Football Team added another anecdote this year. Beyond the two cowboy victories, including the 56-14 beating last Sunday, the duels between the two were marked by one event: the episode of the personalized benches. And Jerry Jones didn’t shy away from talking about it.

During a radio interview Tuesday, the Cowboys owner and general manager joked about Washington’s custom heated benches. Benches that, it is worth noting, the Football Team has decided to take with them for their away games since week 15. And these benches seem to have brought luck to the cowboy team.

“I’d rather keep those benches, lock them up and maybe keep them permanently.”Jones said Tuesday at 105.3 The Fan. “That won’t happen, and (Dan) Snyder (owner of the Football Team) is a good friend. We have had good luck with those benches, and the history of the benches makes me smile a little. “.

Recapping the Washington-Dallas bench incident

Jerry Jones was not the first and will not be the last to mock Washington for this event. Following Sunday’s game, several reporters and fans have joked about the Football Team’s custom benches. And this is something that had already been happening since the week 15 game that the capital team lost to the Eagles.

Now how did this curious incident start? For those who did not know, here is a recount.

It all started in the days leading up to the week 14 game between Washington and Dallas. Following their game against the Football Team two weeks earlier, the Seattle Seahawks complained about the malfunctioning of the heated benches assigned to the visiting team at FedEx Field. Considering the low temperatures in Landover at this time of year, this is something that is detrimental to players when playing in such weather.

Given this, the Cowboys took matters into their own hands in their road game against Washington. To do this, they contacted the Dragon Seats company to make them custom heated benches for that meeting. Likewise, the cowboy team asked the company to deliver those benches to FedEx Field on game day.

This action by the Cowboys, ironically, “heated up” even more the previous of this game. That week Ron Rivera, head coach of the Football Team, criticized Mike McCarthy’s remarks saying that Dallas would win the game. And these custom stools with the Cowboys name at Washington Stadium were the icing on the cake. In fact, Dallas was the first team to do something like this at FedEx Field.

Although the action was criticized by journalists and fans of the rival team, the Football Team leadership “copied” the Cowboys’ strategy. Thus, during week 15, Washington ordered its own custom benches from the Dragon Seats company. And the team announced that it would carry these seats with it for its remaining games on the road. All of them, coincidentally, against their division rivals: Philadelphia, Dallas and New York.

However, the rest of history has only given reason to mock the Washington Football Team. And is not for less.

In week 15 against the Eagles, the capital team took their custom benches to Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. In the “debut” of these seats, the Football Team lost the game by a score of 27-17. Immediately, many Dallas fans began to scoff at his attempt to copy the cowboy team.

Then, as expected, Washington brought those seats with his team’s name to AT&T Stadium. While it was illogical to have heated seats in Arlington, the truth is that these benches also had air conditioning systems to cool down the players. Either way, the Football Team’s attempt to respond to Dallas’ “offense” at their stadium did not work.

We already know the result: a 56-14 cowboy victory, and the Football Team almost out of the playoffs. Besides, another anecdote that left the game was the fight between two Washington players on the benches. Discussion that, according to some, was due to the fact that their seats “heated” them too much. Or they didn’t cool them enough.

As a fun fact, Washington is 0-2 since replicating Dallas’s custom benches. And if we count from the beginning of the history of the benches, the record worsens to 0-3.

Additionally, Washington hasn’t been the only team to replicate custom heated benches. In light of the chilly temperatures this time of year in the United States, teams like the Eagles and Seahawks have also commissioned Dragon Seats. And it seems that this company has been the great winner in this story.

Without a doubt, the incident of the custom benches joins the list of anecdotes of the rivalry between Dallas and Washington. What remains to be seen is whether, as Jerry Jones said, these benches bring luck to the cowboy team.

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