International: FC Porto pays witch – she collects 175,000 euros a year – football

It is well known that football clubs pay their employees a lot of money. But it is unbelievable that they are spending so much money on THIS job!

As the Portuguese newspaper “A Bola” reports, FC Porto spends 175,000 euros a year on a witch!

Please what?!

This would make Madalena Aroso by far the best-paid employee in the Portuguese. She is said to have taken office around five months ago.

Aroso, supposedly a “clairvoyant”, is supposed to read the future and predict game results. According to the report, she should help Porto win the Portuguese league title.

Foto: picture alliance / Bildagentur-online

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A voodoo sorceress is supposed to bring the championship to FC PortoFoto: picture alliance / Bildagentur-online

And it seems to be working! Porto are unbeaten after 14 of 34 games and are only ahead of Sporting because of the better goal difference, while Benfica are four points behind.

In 2017, Benfica Lisbon won the league with the help of witchcraft. At that time, Porto was still angry about it!

The club announced: “I can say that this is the biggest scandal that Portuguese football has ever seen.”

Let’s see what the club has to say about it …




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