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“I identify myself and in his place I would do one thing”

by archysport

The midfielder Ciccio Lodi and fellow citizen of Lorenzo Insigne expressed his thoughts on the attacker to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli. The following is highlighted:

“In Napoli we feel the lack of a player like Fabian who has the play as an attacking midfielder. Ruiz for Napoli is an important player, then Anguissa was a great deal, I don’t know the team he belonged to how he managed to sell him with that formula.

Lorenzo Insigne

What would I do in place of Insigne? In recent days I have identified myself with him a little and it is not easy. You also need to be objective, some foreign players just play half a championship and are overpaid. Lorenzo scored many goals this year, he won the European Championship and what he and his agent are asking for is understandable.

Napoli had difficulties for Covid and they are making such a low offer, but the figures that have come out now from the other teams are abnormal. You have to make a choice of life, but it’s not a matter of just one year, you have to think about it after having signed a 5-year contract. The club can play on the fact that the captain is of Neapolitan origin and wants to stay, but he can’t offer so little “.

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