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“I can’t live without a fight” Following Shimi Hayashishita, she changed from judo to professional wrestling … “A mass of fighting spirit” Maika shouts “Look at me more!” –Pro-wrestling –Number Web

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We would like to send you an interview with Maika, who holds the title of the Artist of Stardom Championship in the women’s professional wrestling “Stardom”. (Click here for Hayashishita Shimi edition)

“Since I was born, I weighed 4 kilograms and I was big. I had a lot of strength. I lifted the concrete block in the parking lot, broke it, and was injured.”

Maika, who is active in the women’s professional wrestling group Stardom, looks back on her childhood. When I went to elementary school, I started fighting with boys. Win or at least draw. The boy was crying, but Maika never cried when the teacher got angry. One day, when I got home from school, there were pamphlets for each lesson. Judo, Kendo, Shaolin Temple Kenpo, soccer …

“I was told to choose from these. I think my parents saw me rampaging and provided me with a place to diverge. If I don’t do something, I’ll rampage at school (laughs).”

And I chose judo. There was a girl who would do it with me, so I started judo asking, “Would you like to try it for the time being?”

My mother always said, “Be kind to girls.” Maika kept the word and didn’t fight with the girl. Rather, he was fighting to protect the girl.

“I didn’t like to lose so much, so I think judo was a hit in me. It’s a body-to-body game. But the girls stopped steadily, the children who came in with me stopped, and I was the only girl. Even though it was an elementary school classroom, I couldn’t get enough muscle training. I came to junior high school, high school, and a business group, but looking back, the muscle training when I was in elementary school was the toughest. Boys were also vomiting. Sometimes my body was stuck because of my muscle pain. “

Still, Maika did not stop judo.

“Because I’m practicing like this, I think the teacher would have thought that he would stop. At the farewell party for the sixth graders, he said,’I’ll do my best in judo even in junior high school.’ If that was the case, I would have taught more. ”(Laughs). In junior high school, I reached the prefectural convention level, and high school also went on to a strong school.”

Existence of Shimi Hayashishita who pushed the back to professional wrestling

“I received a message from Mr. TAKA (TAKA Michinoku) on Instagram saying” Would you like to become a wrestler? “The ability to find newcomers on the teacher’s SNS is amazing.” Judo National Tournament “was a hit in the search. Let’s do it. That’s why DM came. “

After graduating from high school, Maika continued to play judo as a member of a business group. It seems that TAKA Michinoku, the representative of the professional wrestling organization JTO (JUST TAP OUT), said on Instagram that he would participate in the national tournament at this venue today. At that time, it was Utami Hayashishita, who is now wearing a red belt at stardom, that stimulated Maika, who was feeling a dead end as a judo player.

“I first learned about the third daughter, Shimi, when I watched the TV program” Exciting! Big Daddy. “At that time, I had a light feeling that” Oh, I’m doing judo. I’m with me. “

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