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How Guardiola got KDB back on track

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No more doubt, Kevin De Bruyne is indeed back. Criticized for the first time since arriving at City, the number 17 set the record straight in December. And much of it owes it to Pep Guardiola. Because the Catalan coach has perfectly managed the case of the Red Devil.

Let’s go back. Injured during the Euro, KDB still played eleven minutes in the defeat in the inaugural match against Tottenham (1-0). An error that the Catalan will not reproduce. Clearly, the midfielder is sticking his tongue out and needs a rest to recover and heal a poor ankle. His trainer then gives him the time he needs to come back.

Between the end of August and mid-November, he only played two games in their entirety. Including one against Manchester United where he shows himself to his advantage. King Kev is back, we think. But the covid catches the playmaker by the collar and sends him back to his home. Enough to further slow down its return to its best level. During this troubled period, the Catalan broods his player. “He has absolutely nothing to prove to me ‘, he explains. After an absence of ten days, the Devil is back in training. But Pep has learned from his past mistakes.

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