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How adults learn to swim: Example from Tübingen

by archysport

Ansam Audi lies with its back in the water. Kick your legs. You don’t just kick for her. Above her: another body – silent and petrified. Your hands are on someone else’s cheeks. The bodies twitch with the same rhythm. Both heads go under. Stand up, take a breath. “Didn’t I do it right?” Asks Ansam Audi. “Yes, you did not drown,” says her trainer: “But she.”

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The woman who wants to save lives is still practicing. Ansam Audi, 24 years old, swims to the edge of the pool and pushes himself up with his arms. At the place where it all began: North Swimming Pool, Tübingen. The pool is on a hill, framed by skyscrapers, a few meters further on the forest. Audi, black swimsuit that ends above her knees, nostrils puffed up with tension, mild smile, wants to show that she can do it: become a lifeguard.


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