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His father drove the getaway car – boy (14) shoots three people in Texas – News abroad

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Garland (Texas) – Incredible bloody act in a suburb in the US state of Texas! And the police are now looking for the shooter (14) who is still on the run.

The suspect Abel Elias Acosta shot and killed three young people in a gas station shop on Sunday – and then fled. The police started a large manhunt.

Surveillance footage released by the police shows the shooter sneaking to the entrance of the gas station without a shirt but wearing a face mask and a baseball hat. After crouching down and peering into a shop window, he fires several shots from a pistol. Then he goes into the store and pulls the trigger 20 times.

Photo: Facebook

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The crime scene on the site of a gas stationPhoto: Facebook

His victims: Xavier Gonzalez (14), Ivan Noyala (16) and Rafael Garcia (17). A 15-year-old cook, who was also shot by the suspect, survived seriously injured.

Incredible: when the shooter comes out of the shop, he walks in the direction of a pickup and gets in. The driver accelerates and they both flee.

Now the police in Garland announced that the driver of the getaway car is the shooter’s father, Richard Acosta Jr. (33). He was also on the run for a short time, but later turned himself in to the authorities.

He is now on trial for murder.

Richard Acosta Jr. (33) ist der Vater des Schützes (14). Er fuhr das Fluchtauto und muss sich jetzt wegen Mordes verantwortenPhoto: /AP

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Richard Acosta Jr. (33) is the father of Sagittarius (14). He drove the getaway car and now has to answer for murderPhoto: /AP

The police believe that the executions are an act of revenge and that the attack was planned at the gas station.

“We believe the shooter is still out there,” said Pedro Barineau of the Garland police.


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