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Hippo Basket Salerno, Gennaro Apicelli is the new coach of the youth sector

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Gennaro Apicelli is the new physical trainer of the Youth Sector of Hippo Basket Salerno. Neapolitan, 46 years old to be turned in January, after having practiced swimming, bodyweight gymnastics, basketball, athletics, football, tennis and fitness, Apicelli began his training in the field of physical preparation, first with the Italian Fitness Federation achieving a series of specializations (Physical Trainer, Fitness and Body Building Instructor, Food Educator, Kardiokombat Instructor, Trx, Trx Suspension Training, Trx Functional Training Coach, Ats. Corrective Exercise, Specialist in Biomechanics of Human Movement), and then approaching again to the world of basketball.

For the Italian Basketball Federation Apicelli he became a basic Physical Trainer (card valid for training up to women’s A2 Series and men’s B as well as the Youth Sectors) and has participated in various Federal Technical Centers in Campania.

After having worked a lot in the gyms, the new Hippo trainer began to gain experience in team sports with Accademy Empoli F. Lli Lodi, Neapolis, Mugnano Basket and, from this year, Salerno Basket ’92, contributing to different results of prestige (in youth in football, both at youth and senior level in basketball). I have participated in numerous federal technical centers in Campania (BASKETBALL) and won some titles (youth and senior in basketball, youth in football).

– How was the collaboration with Aldo Russo and Hippo Basket Salerno born?

«The collaboration with coach Aldo Russo began this summer at BOW (the high-level off-season training developed by Aldo and Roberto Russo). I have known Aldo for some years and it was he who proposed to train the Youth Sector of Hippo Basket Salerno ».

– How are these first weeks of work with the Hippo Basket Salerno Youth Sector proceeding? With children of these age groups (between Under 14 and Under 16) what kind of work are you doing? How did you set it up?

«The work set up and planned for the boys started in October and is proceeding in the right direction. We try to build the foundations on young athletes and then follow their development and evolution. “Fundamental” positions in basketball, joint mobility exercises, flexibility, prevention, stability but also “strength work” are on the agenda ».

– As part of the programming of the season, in agreement with the Technical Director Aldo Russo and with the coaches of the various groups, what results do you expect to obtain through physical work?

«To obtain excellent results on young people, it takes time, there are no shortcuts. It takes a lot of work, dedication and you have to persevere on what you propose, trying each time to improve and refine it ».

– Working with young people is nice because you see the kids “blossom” as the weeks go by. But there’s also a risk of getting into trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing. What is the mistake not to make when training members of the Youth Sector?

«Certainly working with young people is stimulating and often rewarded with great satisfaction, but we must be careful to recognize the stages of growth, to respect their characteristics and train the sensitive stages. Before being an athlete, the “young man” is a growing human being and this must be taken into account in everything that is proposed to him ».

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