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Hamilton’s advice to Emma Raducanu on her way to the top of tennis

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They say that great legends are also forged by what they do for others … This is the case of Lewis Hamilton, who not only triumphs in Formula 1, but also takes advantage of his extensive experience to supporting young athletes like compatriot Emma Raducanu.

The 29-year-old tennis player has had a very rapid rise, with a title of US Open included. Moments like that cause the athlete to receive much more attention than in a junior category and, consequently, has to learn to deal with off-court situations.

A seven-time world champion in Formula 1 like Hamilton knows all this well, so Raducanu considers him a role model. This friendship grew out of sport and could bring great joys to all of Great Britain.

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What advice does Hamilton give Emma Raducanu?

Lewis Hamilton and Emma Raducanu They met at the Met Gala (the one that Helmut Marko criticized so much), after the US Open and the Italian Grand Prix. One of the most iconic rugs in the world allowed the pilot to get closer to different athletes, among whom was Simone Biles.

From then on, he and the tennis player maintain a great friendship, so Hamilton takes the opportunity to advise her in a positive way about what may come later. With a Grand Slam title in the hands and many challenges ahead, expectations and pressure grow exponentiallyl.

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I met Hamilton in person at the Met Gala and we had a really good conversation there. Since then I admire him, follow him and support him … he’s great. Wherever we are is really good.

He tells me: ‘Be patient, you know, you just have to go with the flow. Everything is fine, don’t worry ‘. It’s a good way to calm me down. He’s a really cool guy. He has been a great role model for me in terms of helping me through the next stages (of his career).“Raducanu said according to Formula 1.

So no matter the complications, Emma Raducanu has a friend in Lewis Hamilton. The pressure and the reflectors may fall on her shoulders, but there are people behind her at all times.

Role model: Lewis Hamilton's advice to Emma Raducanu on her way to the top of tennis


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