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Hall of Fame: Barry Bonds in a good position?

by archysport

At its 10e and final year of eligibility, the controversial Barry Bonds could ultimately be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 2022.

The honor is still far from in the pocket for the leader in the chapter of the circuits in the history of major baseball, but the first predictions have something to encourage him.

The name of Bonds, who has totaled 762 career long balls in the regular season, in the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants uniform, is on 79.5% of the ballots released so far, according to data compiled by Ryan Thibodaux, also known as NotMrTibbs on the social network Twitter.

To be elected to the Pantheon, a player must obtain 75% of the votes. However, only 82 of the 392 bulletins have been made public at present. While Bonds certainly deserves his place in the Hall of Fame statistically, his candidacy suffers from doping charges, the athlete having been at the heart of the Balco scandal and the Mitchell report.

Former pitcher Roger Clemens, who has won the Cy-Young Trophy seven times, finds himself in a similar situation. Also at its 10e year of eligibility, it also appears on 79.5% of known bulletins.

David Ortiz leads the way

Dominican David Ortiz, former star of the Boston Red Sox, is the one ahead of the ballot now, with 83%, and this, in his first year. Among the players knocking on the door, but who could find themselves short, are ex-pitcher Curt Schilling and former third baseman Scott Rolen, whose names each appear on 70.5% of the ballots. . Schilling is in his final year of eligibility, but Rolen could still have five years ahead of him to be elected.

Officially, the result of the present ballot must be unveiled in less than a month, on January 25, while the grand induction ceremony is scheduled for July in Cooperstown.

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