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Greek mythology through the lens of David Sims | HYPEBEAST

by archysport

As a popular art medium, photography records all aspects from the fashion industry to daily life. With the current popularity of mobile phone cameras and filter software, the barriers to photography have been lowered. Anyone can lift the mobile phone camera at will to capture the fleeting beauty of ordinary life.

Compared with ordinary photography enthusiasts, the most fascinating magic of photographers is to give ordinary things a different visual tension, showing special beauty and meaning. Photographers with distinctive characteristics can make their photographs have a strong personal style, from “iD” and “The Face” to “Vogue” and “Dazed & Confused”. With his works appearing in various magazines, David Sims interprets his own shooting style with realistic works.

From the “simple” style in the 90s to the passion for sports photography after the millennium, “Vogue” magazine commented on David Sims’s work as “setting a new standard” for fashion photography. Today, let us follow the shots of David Sims and feel his FILA FUSION and ARIES shoot a new blockbuster.


In 2017, FILA released its new trend sports brand FILA FUSION, with skateboarding, baseball, tennis and basketball as the main design goals, taking into account the youth trend attitude and Italian classic design, and innovative interpretation of FILA classic styles and colors.

Key words such as “rejuvenation”, “sports” and “co-branding” give FILA FUSION more creative inspirations and design elements that the current trend group loves. It uses the structure of “1+N” to interpret the understanding of current street fashion, “1 “Represents the four major sports of skateboarding, baseball, tennis, and basketball as the core main lines. “N” represents multiple joint branch lines and cross-industry cooperation. From the main line to the joint name, FILA FUSION exhibits extremely diverse product styles to meet the trendy needs of young people who continue to advance.

Outstanding and rejuvenated, FILA FUSION has been constantly exploring on the road of innovation. In October, FILA FUSION’s official announcement music singer and composer Ouyang Nana became the first brand spokesperson. The cute and horrible Nana and FILA FUSION’s temperament are very compatible. Not only that, FILA FUSION took another important step in December, launching a brand new The brand logo opens a new chapter in the brand.

ARIES Japanese Sofia Prantera

When talking about the brand style of ARIES, I have to mention the personal experience of the brand founder Sofia Prantera. Sofia Prantera, who grew up in Rome, loves “Italian-style sportswear” and the style of subculture extensions, and interprets these two “male exclusive” contents in ARIES’s unisex clothing.

Under the influence of Italian style and subculture, ARIES from the United Kingdom incorporates various art forms such as Trash Culture and foreign art into the design. At the same time, partner Fergus Purcell used graphic design to add punk and skateboard flavors to the brand. Deconstructionism and handmade tie-dye are also common expressions of ARIES.

“Weirdness” and “Mystery”

When David Sims’s lens was aimed at the FILA FUSION x ARIES single product, it was inspired by the Italian genes shared by both parties, and the totem patterns in the ancient Greek mythology were incorporated into the costumes. Under the joint hands of David Sims and ARIES, the fashionable silhouette of FILA FUSION is interpreted as a retro realistic style. The high-contrast black-and-white photos and the low-saturation color photos reflect the “grotesque” styles shared by both parties. The ancient Greek patterns on the one-piece skirts and full-print suits reflect the unique Italian temperament from the Apennines peninsula. A strong sense of high-class classical culture. It seems that the characters in ancient Greek mythology have come into reality and transferred the classical story to today’s world.

It is worth mentioning that the background of the sea appeared many times in the catalogue filmed by David Sims for the joint name. It is reported that the inspiration for the joint name is also from a Greek story related to the “sea”.

The shooting method of David Sims undoubtedly brings a brand new visual effect of foreign art to FILA FUSION X ARIES. The story background of ancient Greek mythology adds a touch of classical flavor of Western culture to the picture in front of the camera. At the same time, the same Italian genes of FILA FUSION and ARIES create an atmosphere that combines sports and retro, and adds some mystery to this joint name.

It is reported that this joint name will be the first to be sold in mainland China. If you want to know the origin story, design details and inspiration of ancient Greek patterns, please stay tuned for more news.

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