Formula 1: Bernie Ecclestones harshly criticizes Mercedes

formula 1 Formula 1 season finale

Ecclestone takes Mercedes hard

F1 Grand Prix of Brazil

For Bernie Ecclestone, the events at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are a “shame”

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The dramatic title decision in Formula 1 continues to make waves. Bernie Ecclestone starts a devastating criticism of those responsible. The ex-boss of the racing series has also sharply criticized Mercedes’s approach.

Bernie Ecclestone is known as a man of clear words. Accordingly, the former managing director of Formula 1 criticized the circumstances of the title decision at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“It is a disaster for Formula 1. The sport is suffering from the fact that it is no longer just about pure competition, but only about the interest of a few individuals,” said the 91-year-old in an interview with the media group “Münchner Merkur tz “. It was “a joke” that one could hear live how team bosses “try to influence the decisions of the race management during a race”.

The “great sport that Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton offered there is therefore completely lost,” said Ecclestone. “It’s a shame.” The new world champion Verstappen had only secured the title by overtaking the last few meters.

Formula 1 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Max Verstappen (left) overtook Lewis Hamilton on the last lap of the season

Quelle: dpa/Hasan Bratic

This was preceded by a controversial safety car phase in terms of its implementation. Hamilton’s defeated Mercedes racing team had filed two protests, both of which were dismissed. Verstappen had to wait over four hours for the official result.

Ecclestone criticizes Mercedes protest

The Dutchman is a deserved world champion, said Ecclestone. “Absolutely. At a young age he prevailed against Lewis Hamilton, one of the best pilots of all time. And not just on the track. ”The Mercedes team“ pulled out all the stops, including in the media, to unsettle Max, ”said the former F1 boss.

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“You can almost talk about bullying. In addition: Mercedes had seen the faster car over the course of the year, which is why they won the constructors’ title relatively superior. That upgrades Max’s driver title again. Because it shows that he was able to make the difference as a driver. “

He couldn’t understand the protest from the Mercedes warehouse, said Ecclestone: “They probably build the best cars in the world. However, the protest received immense scratches on the star. “




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