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Original title: Foreign media called Dai Ziying the female version of Li Zongwei Guoyu fans: she is still far behind

Recently, the Indonesian media “skorindonesia” published an article saying that today’s women’s singles world No. 1 Chinese Taipei star Dai Ziying is the female version of Li Zongwei in the badminton world. Dai Ziying reached the finals at the Tokyo Olympics and Huelva World Championships this year, but Chen Yufei, who lost to the Chinese team in the Olympics, won the silver medal, and Akane Yamaguchi, who lost to Japan in the finals of the World Championships, won the runner-up. Many Chinese badminton fans believe that Dai Ziying, who has only won two runner-ups in the competition, is far behind Li Zongwei, who has won three runners-up in the Olympic Games and four runner-ups in the World Championships.

The foreign media said that as of December 22 this year’s World Championships after the World Badminton World Championships announced the latest world rankings, Dai Ziying has maintained the number one position in the women’s singles world for 195 weeks, creating the world’s number one in women’s singles in the history of badminton. The longest record. Before Dai Ziying appeared, the Indonesian star and the first Olympic badminton women’s singles gold medalist Wang Lianxiang had set a world record of No. 1 in women’s singles for 181 weeks in the 1990s. Dai Ziying’s current points are 108,800 points, which is the highest point for a women’s single player in the history of the World Badminton Federation.

The media commented: “However, Dai Ziying’s career still has shortcomings. She has never won the Olympic and World Championships so far. Instead, she won an Olympic silver medal and a World Championship runner-up. This reminds me of her retirement in 2019. Malaysian national heroes Li Chongwei and Li Chongwei have never won a World Series championship, and have maintained the longest number of weeks in the men’s singles world.”

Li Zongwei’s six top tournament finals trips were defeated by Lin Dan and Chen Long. In the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, Li Zongwei lost to Lin Dan twice in the finals. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Li Zongwei lost to Chen Long in the final. In the two World Championships in 2011 and 2013, Li Zongwei lost to Lin Dan in the final. In 2014 and 2105, Li Zongwei lost to Chen Long in the final.

The 27-year-old Dai Ziying has participated in the Olympic Games three times so far. In the 2012 London Olympics, she lost to Li Xuerui in the top 16 games, and the last Rio Olympic Games in the top 16 games was lost to Xindu’s sister, Xindu. This year is Dai Ziying’s seventh time to participate in the World Championships. In 2011, Dai Ziying lost to Germany’s Olga Roy suffered a round trip. In 2013, he lost 0-2 to Li Xuerui in the round of 16. Lost to Spain’s Marin in the strong battle, and in the 2015 round of 16 to Indonesia’s Linda Veney Fanetrie. In 2017, when she was in her best form, she chose not to participate in the World Championships that year but to participate in Chinese Taipei. The Universiade held. In the 2018 Nanjing World Championships, Dai Ziying lost to the Chinese team’s He Bingjiao in the top 16 games. In the 2019 World Championships, she lost again to India’s Xindu in the top 16 games.

This Indonesian media believes that Dai Ziying is still an active player, and she still has the opportunity to achieve the top of the Olympic Games or World Championships through hard work. However, Chinese badminton fans believe that before Dai Ziying won the women’s singles championship at the Olympics or World Championships, with his current results, he could not match Li Zongwei at all. After all, Li Zongwei has reached the finals of the world’s top competitions seven times, and Dai Ziying has only reached the finals of the competitions twice. In the final of the Li Zong Great Tournament, only Lin Dan and Chen Long lost. Dai Ziying lost too many balls in the competition, and there were more opponents who could win her. Some netizens posted: “If Lin Dan and Lao Li had won the championship early, if there was no Akane Yamaguchi, there would still be a bunch of people who could beat Dai Ziying.”Return to Sohu to see more


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