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for the last of the year an explosive victory

by archysport

An explosive Germani closes the year with fireworks. On the parquet of the legendary Palaverde, one of the sacred temples of Italian basketball, the Lioness shoots a resounding last bang at the end of a match that marks a new crossroads for Alessandro Magro’s biancoblù, now back in full swing for the F8 of the Italian Cup. Sumptuous for almost forty minutes, with Treviso that only in the third set tried to put the hut back on its feet, returning to -9 after having sunk to -31, Germani showcased the usual, devastating Amedeo Della Valle, author of 34 points, his maximum score of the season. But next to the blue-white sniper, many have earned the loaf, working overtime given the absences of Petrucelli, Eboua and Parrillo. Della Valle above all, but Naz Mitrou-Long has always been a thorn in the side of the Venetian defense, while Christian Burns has proved decisive in many decisive actions. (…)

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