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Five years winning at home

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Joy and excitement dominated the atmosphere yesterday in the streets of Pola de Siero, which was recovering its “San Silvestre” in the most traditional format, with half a thousand participants. Two great favorites were fighting for the podium, in absolute category: Moha Bakkali, who ran at home, and Alejandro Onís Diaz. The local won, for the fifth consecutive year, which accelerated in the last meters and got a time of 12.23, taking 10 seconds off Onís. In the female category, the victory was also close. He won, two minutes later than his male counterpart, Maria Suarezfollowed, by a difference of ten seconds, by Laura Gion.

The Polesa “San Silvestre” – which the Siero City Council called the “End of the Year Race”, as it did not coincide with the saint – did not get up too early. The starting gun for the first “San Silvestre” of Asturias of the supposed new normal was given by the members of the Nora Association, which helps people with cerebral palsy and mental disabilities, at eleven in the morning. Later, it was the turn of the “Chupetines”, born in 2016 and later, who, accompanied by their parents, ran the first three hundred meters.

At the end of the little ones, amid applause and cries due to the nerves of some, the official competition began. Those born between 2014 and 2015 did so, and so on until they reached adults. There was everything: duels for the podium between three friends, who decided everything in the final sprint, applause for a young man who had a minor injury, and who was always accompanied by one of his friends so that he was not the only one left behind, hugs and a lot of effort for the youngest of the council.

On the left, the runners-up, Laura Gión and Alejandro Onís; the winners, María Suárez and Moha Bakkali, and the third classified, Lucía Vergara and Rodrigo Rodríguez. | Ines Gago

Among all of them, was Javier Boua, which at the age of five was already the second year that he competed in the “San Silvestre”. He was following in the footsteps of his father, Paco, who considers that participating in the race in his hometown is a mandatory date. Like Paula gonzalez Y Margaret Alvarez, mother and daughter: “It is a very pleasant sensation, it gives you like adrenaline to finish.” And the third member of the family, Paula’s father, puts another question on the table. “You feel better when it comes to eating the steak for Christmas,” he joked before starting. Daniel Gonzalez, which, however, was the first year that he signed up. “You have to laugh more than ever, and enjoy life,” he stated bluntly Miguel Sanchez, dressed as a clown, seconds before enjoying the “San Silvestre”. He was surrounded by his sons Jaime, Juan and Miguel, although only the oldest of the three, Miguel, would run the test with his father. Precisely, in the last one that was held, in 2019, was when Miguel decided to buy a costume: “I had a heart attack and it was like a catharsis. That is why this year we do not hesitate to come. Playing sports is good and we have to enjoy ourselves ”.

Although Miguel would not be one of those who crossed the finish line first. Not far from him, the two great favorites of the race, Moha Bakkali and Alejandro Onís Díaz, who were already very close to the starting line, were warming up. The first meters were made very close, and even on the first lap they passed the finish line at the same time. “It was a difficult and tough race for the rival. Alejandro Onís is a very good and international athlete. You had to grit your teeth to beat him, “said Bakkali,” happy “to have won at home for the fifth year in a row.

He did it without thinking too much: “My only tactic was to go out fast from the beginning and try not to get him to stick to me,” continued the winner of the test. With a kilometer to go, Bakkali picked up the pace and ended up taking ten seconds off Onís. The third place, a minute later, was Rodrigo rodriguez, first of the veterans.

María Suárez also repeated victory in the women’s category, setting a time of 14.55. He had a bad taste in his mouth from his last race because his rival, Laura Gión, won on that occasion. “I am happy and super happy. I wanted to come out strong because last week Laura already beat me on the cross. I knew the circuit, so I knew that if I held on until the last climb then the descent would be more bearable. At full throttle from the beginning, calm and always with a reference ”. He took 10 seconds. The podium was completed by the athlete from the University of Oviedo, Lucía Vergara.

Javi fire, a former Sporting player, also wanted to participate in the race in his city yesterday. Fuego, who hung up his boots this summer, is still in shape thanks to his love of racing and cycling. He made a time of 14 minutes and 17 seconds, being the twelfth to overcome the finish line and being the sixth in his category.


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