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First division club advertised for sale on website – football

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Looking for a late Christmas present? The Bulgarian club Beroe Stara Sagora has been in stores since Thursday.

It is now commonplace that individual football professionals look for a new employer via social media (e.g. LinkedIn). But it is rather unusual for an entire club to be available for sale on the web. Still, it happens. Beroe Stara Zagora, seventh in the Bulgarian top division, has been officially looking for a buyer since December 23.

The association from the center of Bulgaria announced this last Thursday on its own website. The background: Beroe Stara Zagora, after all, a simple Bulgarian champion and two-time cup winner, has so far belonged to a state energy company. Since the energy sector in Bulgaria is in a crisis, politicians have decided to optimize the state organizations or to make their management more efficient.

100 percent of the shares, bids via email

A football club then probably has no place in its portfolio. To the delight of all those who have always wanted their own football club. Because: 100 percent of the shares are sold, everyone can bid, the package of shares goes to the highest bidder.

The association writes on the website: “Interested parties can send their expressions of interest by e-mail by January 9th.” Interest? The email addresses are below in the tweet.

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